Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not much today

I didn't accomplish a whole lot today. It wasn't nearly as nice as they said it was going to be, and we didn't see any sunshine until about 3 PM. I did go out this morning and brought a few more things out, but it was too cold to do much of anything. I finally figured out how to turn the passenger seat around so it could be used as a chair. Yay. :) And it reclines, so I will have a recliner I can use when I can't sleep at night.

I also got the plates switched out. Ody is sporting a brand new pair of Vermont plates. Got the registration and insurance cards in their little pocket, and by then I couldn't feel my fingers any more.

I got about 45 minutes of sunshine in the courtyard. It felt good. But it wasn't as warm as yesterday. While I was out there I decided to try and climb the ladder to see the roof. It has been snowcovered since she got here, so this was my first opportunity.

The roof looks like it is in great shape, needs to be cleaned like the rest of the rig, but there won't be any storage up here. There isn't enough room for the large roof basket, and no way to secure it if there were. Oh well. At least I know.

Walked over to Ted's and bought some fresh haddock. Tuesday's and Thursday's are fresh fish day. That is what I will be having for dinner tonight.

My photo stream is still not working, so I have to manually move my photos from my phone to my computer. It is a real pain in the ass. It would be one thing if that is the way it was supposed to work, but it isn't and it creates some major frustration. Sigh....

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