Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I had a little burst of energy

It was so nice out and I hadn't been out to Ody for a day or two, so I decided to bring a few things out. While I was out there, I got ambitious and did a couple little projects. First, I fixed the broken drawer. Put feet on the drawer part and put it in the hole, then put hinges on the drawer facing so all I have to do is flip it down to access whatever is in there. I think that is going to be my junk drawer. :)

After I finished that, I decided there was no time like the present to install the sliding basket for my cast iron pans. That actually went fairly smoothly considering it is a tight squeeze, and the screws actually got a good bite into something solid, so it should be good.

A little clean up, and off to the courtyard to sit in the sun and have a cup of coffee.

Took a little convincing, but got Kali Cat to join me. She was really more interested in me giving her dinner but she tolerated my laziness.

It was beautiful and warm sitting in the sun in the courtyard. My first outdoor cup of coffee for the year. :)

After her dinner I spotted her in the rainbow that is created late in the day by the sunshine coming thru the covering on the bathroom window. Just had to share. The colors were actually much nicer than what the camera picked up. Blues and greens and purples, it was quite impressive.

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