Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Better day than expected

Turned out to be a much nicer day than expected. The rain is just now starting, and the temps made it up into the lower 70's with what little sun we did have. I got a lot done.

I got Ody moved over to her assigned parking spot making it so the Jeep could go back to it's own spot. It also frees up the end of the driveway where I can just back into my spot instead of having to back into the driveway. It is still pretty mushy out there, but I think it will be good. I can always move Ody over a foot or so if she sinks.

I did some rearranging inside Ody as Anthony was coming over to cut the legs on the shelving for the cargo area. We got that done and the shelves are in place, just need to be secured.

From there, I went back to raking, trying to clean up some of the road sand. I did a first pass, it will probably have to be done again when the next layer down dries out a little. But it is already looking better.

Before raking, but after sweeping the walk way.

After. The narcissus are up, and the day lilies are showing some green. Am hoping that means spring is really here this time. Although it is supposed to get cold again. Each cycle, it gets a little warmer.

Monica stopped by just as I was finishing up putting the rain gutter back up and closing the back gate. So we enjoyed a cup of coffee in the courtyard before the rain started. 

I'm pleased with what I got done today. Now that the shelving is cut and in place in Ody, I can work on the cargo nets. That will just about finish up the cargo area except for loading it up. I'm getting closer and closer each day to getting out of here. Now all I need is a closing date for a target.

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