Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Almost done with the basket.

I did get some rock painting in yesterday. I did some chili peppers, those were fun. Will probably do them again, and then I did another dragonfly, not so happy with that, and a fox which I’m not at all happy with.  Here they are…

I also finished up the basket coiling part of the basket, and have decided not to do the pumpkin face. I am going to go to Family Dollar and get some nice silk fall leaves and dress it up with that and the painted rock pumpkin instead. I still need to preserve it, along with the last three or so baskets, and might do that today. It didn’t turn out quite the way I had envisioned it, but it will do.

I didn’t go out at all yesterday other than to supervise Jorge on the fitting repair on D Street. Glenn had to call him to get him here. But I did remind him to take Vicki’s old water heater that he promised to dispose of a couple of months ago when he put the new one in. I also got some copper wire from him - score!

I talked to Howard last night. Barb came thru the surgery fine, but she has tubes and IV’s and all sorts of things attached to her. She will be in the hospital for several days recovering, and then back to the motorhome for a couple of weeks. Then they get to go back to Yuma and she starts chemo. Howard said they found more than they had anticipated. But so far, the news is good. She was in recovery from 10:30 to about 7 PM. She finally got back to a room, and Howard headed back to make phone calls and take care of Peanut.

Today I do need to go to the post office. Not only is my stuff there, but Vicki’s new printer is there and needs to be picked up too. Then Family Dollar, and probably the market as I am out of everything perishable. I have been eating out of cans the last couple of days. 

I also want to start gluing some bails on the fused glass pieces that are going to be jewelry. Mary also sent me some drill bits so I can attempt to drill some pieces too, but will save that for another time.

Tomorrow is the second and last rock painting class. I will choose a few of the ones I have done this last week to take with me. We were supposed to do one, I have done nine so far, and might do more today. I may paint over the fox. I am not happy with it. It looked so simple, but I don’t have a steady hand. 

I downloaded some watercolor instructions this morning that I want to try. I think I can do it in acrylics, so it would work on rocks. One is feathers, another is leaves, and the third is an ocean scene. Plus I want to ask Kay about the watercolor classes. I can cough up $7 for a class, maybe several.

I have spent so much time indoors that I have lost my tan. I did get a little bit of it back yesterday while Jorge was working on the fitting. It doesn’t take long to burn here, about ten minutes. I need to get some sun on a more regular basis. I was getting it while walking when it was cooler, but now I walk before the sun is up. Not a good time for the tan.

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