Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Knee problems

I woke up yesterday morning with my right knee hurting. It wasn’t a walking day, and eventually it faded, so I didn’t think much about it. By the time I went to bed last night it was really hurting. I took some Aleve, and it just got worse. So I didn’t sleep well last night at all, it kept waking me up. Well, somewhere around 3AM I got up, and it suddenly stopped hurting. I walked this morning without any problems, and it is kind of twinging now. Not sure what is going on with that. I do know that if it starts hurting again I won’t wait to take the Aleve. I think I waited too long and that is why it wasn’t effective. I’m hoping the walk worked out whatever is wrong with it. Was a very rough night. I’m tired.

On another note, I found out a friend has lung cancer. It makes me very sad. I don’t have details yet like what stage, treatments, etc., but maybe they caught it soon enough. Lets hope. They are in for a long haul. I have been there, I know. 

I worked on that basket until about 4 yesterday. It took a lot longer to get it where I could stop than I though it would, but that part of my tree is finished. I neatened up the stitches and have set it aside to work on the glass ornaments. Plus, I have to figure out the top. The basket is shorter than I wanted, so the top will have to have some height. Thinking copper as a base for the top, and then will figure it out as I go. I may have to make some copper ornaments too. 

We have another hot day today, and then maybe it will cool off a little bit. They are saying 115, so it will be more like 118-119 here. Q is warmer than Phoenix where the weather report comes from.

Oh, I got a message yesterday from the people that are renting the lot where I park my car. They aren’t coming back so I won’t have to move the car. Their lease is up in October, so I should be able to start parking in my own driveway by then. This is a good thing. For me anyway.

Today is the post office and glass work. I will do some reading in between firings. I started a book while I was having breakfast yesterday and managed to make myself put it down to work on the basket.
Here is a pic of the basket before I neatened the stitches.

I started looking for rocks for the rock painting class on the 12th. I brought home two this morning and will continue to look and bring them home. Then I will choose the best for the class when the time comes. I’m thinking the best smooth rocks will be in the washes where the water runs. I have a week or so, I should be able to find something suitable. I’m looking forward to the free class.

I tried the FB recipe for unstuffed cabbage yesterday. I still have a lot of shredded cabbage from the food bank and used some of that up. It was burger, cabbage, tomatoes and tomato sauce, plus onion and garlic of course. It was pretty good. I cooked mine in the crock pot. While I had all of that out, I made up my tuna slaw for lunch. It is my own creation of tuna, mayo and shredded cabbage. I like it. I usually use dehydrated onion so it needs to be made ahead. That is what I had for lunch. Will probably do something similar today. I want to use as much of the cabbage as I can before it goes bad. Once it has been chopped, it’s shelf life is very limited.

I guess that is about it for this morning. Time to get some breakfast and get my shower. It will be another indoor day today. I will be picking up my paints at the post office, so maybe between firings, I will work on the base for the pumpkin basket. Still haven’t decided how I am going to do that yet, but will figure it out as I go.

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  1. It is sad to hear about what has happened to your friend. I hope that they have really caught it early, so that they can explore more options to counter it. That said, you should really watch out for yourself now and the health problems you are dealing with, such as your knee pain. I would advise that you have it checked out by a medical professional, so that its root causes can be tracked as soon as possible. Take care!

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