Friday, March 21, 2014


I have just added a new product to my online shopping cart, it is the KAYWOS Cloth. In my search to find a better cleaning method, something more in tune with the environment, easy to use, and taking up very little space, I came across these. I ordered mine on eBay. They WORK! I did my windows and any other shiny surface in one go because once you start, you just want to keep on going. I cleaned windows that had been covered up by shelving in the shop and hadn't been cleaned in years in just minutes, no streaks, no film. Those stupid little door lites that look nice but take forever to clean, just minutes. No streaks.

Mine have been through the wash a couple of times already and are just as effective as they were when I took them out of the package.

You really want to try these, you will love them. You can find them here...
Unfortunately, the shopping cart I am using doesn't allow adjustments on the shipping. It is a flat rate for the whole order so I would recommend ordering more than one to help defray the shipping cost. Anything else you might be interested in in my store would also be included in the flat rate shipping as well. Check it out. 

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