Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A little each day.

I have lots of stuff going on. I'm in the process of downsizing, doing two jewelry challenges, shoveling, and lots of little things that need to be done each day. Yesterday was errand day. Post office, groceries, etc. I did make some progress on clearing out the upstairs and moved some storage bins out to Ody. I did have to reconfigure them since they didn't fit with the mattress in place, but they will work for now. I do need to find some sort of lid for the top bin on the left. Only two of them have contents at this point.

Today, there were several things I did that weren't on my list. I considered sorting my summer stuff tomorrow, but I really want to do a little each day, so I bit the bullet and got it done. I cut two summer/dressy bins down to one. If I haven't worn it in a year, no matter how much I liked it, out it went. I do have to say that some of this downsizing really hurts. But in six months, I won't remember, right? I kept one dress, two skirts, and a couple of dressy tops. Out with the rest.

Tomorrow I get to sort my jewelry boxes. There are some things in there I will not part with even if I don't wear them much. These pieces aren't worth a whole lot, but have huge sentimental value to me.

I tested my router today to see if I had an internal wireless network without the DSL line attached. And that is a big yes. I won't have to buy a router any time soon for my network. I can print, use my net cam, see my storage drive and other things on the network. That will make the move quite a bit easier. I can figure out the internet part of it later. 

It is just about time to start making calls for tires, brakes and an inspection for Ody. I got the tire specs today and may make some calls tomorrow, or I might wait until next week when it is a little bit warmer. There is a fair amount of dry rot on the sidewalls. She made it 500 miles on those tires, lets hope she will do another 25.

I still need to shim the bed. That hasn't been done yet because I will need to climb over a snowbank to get to my scrap lumber pile. But I still have a little energy left and might just do that when I finish here. 

Kali Cat is liking having the bed downstairs. She can curl up in a comfy spot and still be near me. She sleeps on a shelf to my left when I am in my recliner. If I am not in my chair, she has a couple other spots she likes to catnap.

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