Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Desert Rose and Randy's Hamburgers

Was quite a full day yesterday. Met up with about 15 vehicles for the field trip. We were looking for Calcedony - Desert Rose. I ended up with a gallon zip lock bag full. Some really interesting pieces. I haven’t photographed or sorted them yet tho. Will get that done at some point. I may do another field trip for another stone before my time is up here. It was easy, it was fun. Here is a reference and some pics…personally, I think it is ugly, but I guess it is pretty rare. 
Firefly was pushed to her limits at times keeping up with the leader. But she managed, the soft top flapping and the rear window blowing in the wind, and probably did better on the dirt road than some of the other vehicles.

After I left there, I went to Stone Cabin. I actually drove past it thinking it was some sort of historical site or something and after about 10 miles, I saw the sign in my rear view mirror, so I turned around and headed back. I had to go thru the check point again, and they had dogs working this time. I don’t know why, but I am always nervous going thru those even tho I don’t have anything they would be interested in. Anyway, Stone Cabin turned out to be the very same place I had planned on stopping for a burger. I kept meaning to every time I went by, but didn’t. 

Got myself a burger and fries and an iced tea. Chatted with the other people there, and joked around with Randy, the owner. There was a couple there on trikes with trailers from northern Canada, and they had their puppies with them. The trikes had trunks in the front where the dogs ride. They seemed to love it. I did get pictures, but haven’t downloaded any of them yet. Randy was entertaining and the burger and fries were very good. My treat for the week.

Back to camp and a 2 hour nap. Since I hadn’t slept well, I was tired. After my nap I got a shower. I did have to heat some water, but it felt really good to get my hair washed and having a shower in general. Got re-dressed in clean clothes and headed to the Yacht Club for the RVillage meet and greet. I was disappointed, it felt all wrong, and I didn’t hang around. Now I am thinking I went to the wrong place. I didn’t see any patio. :( Sigh…I think I would have enjoyed it. I made the effort. That was half the battle. 

I ended up crashing fairly early last night because TV was horrible and I didn’t feel like doing much else. It was dark and I didn’t want to use up my battery running lights or whatever.

Huh, tried to fire up the generator this morning, it took several tries. It would grab, then bog down and shut off. After a couple of tries, I checked the hot water heater switch…it had gotten turned on somehow. Turned that off and it fired up and is running right now. That was a quick diagnosis and fix. If only they were all that easy.

Today is chore day. Laundry, post office, drinking water. I don’t have to do gas for the generator this week as I had the two small containers left that I bought last week. I transferred those yesterday afternoon. I’m thinking today might be a good day to climb Q Mountain again and get my photos. Now that I have the back pack, should be much easier hauling my cameras and tripod, etc. Mid day would be best, the sun would be overhead instead of in my way. Besides, I need the exercise. We left so early yesterday I didn’t get a walk. I did do some wandering around and a little bit of climbing, but nothing that could be construed as exercise.

I also need to spend some time with my photos and pay a couple of bills, and maybe order the hard top for the tracker, but I think I will do that this afternoon. I want to get my laundry and stuff done early before the town gets wound up for the day. Getting back to Q Mtn is going to be a pain in the ass, but if I want the photos…gotta do it. The big tent is winding down and I haven’t been there yet, so I should do that as well. If I can find a place to park. That is going to be the biggest issue. 

Well, time for me to get moving if I want to beat the rush. 


  1. Cant wait to see pics of the dogs on Trikes, sounds like a hoot :)


    You should find those pics at this link.

  3. Cool. Thanks! Can't get over the terrain down there... So foreign to a New Englander... Almost looks like ur on the moon... LOL

  4. Yeah, it is really different. I do miss the green of the northeast, but I am also loving it here with all the cactus, wildlife, desert, level ground....