Tuesday, January 20, 2015

No carving class

Not much to write about today. I did get a walk, did that first thing. Then puttered around, read, until it was time to go to soapstone carving class. I left a little early, and it is a good thing I did! Traffic was literally backed up out of town past the La Posa’s, and it took quite a while to make it thru the lights. I was going to stop at K&B and see about getting some wire to make leads for the inverter, but decided to just continue on to the hardware store. It was much easier to get in and out as it was away from the traffic lights. I found what I needed there, but it cost me $41. Ouch. Then I went and gassed up the car, dealing with the traffic on the corner, for today’s field trip and off to class. Well, there wasn’t a class. The instructors were both sick, so I basically fought all that mid day traffic for nothing. I could have used the gas I have in the cans here and I could have lived without the wire another day or two. Oh well. On the positive side, the car is gassed up and I got what I needed to get the inverter hooked up.

I got the new leads made and the larger inverter hooked up. It is a 700W inverter, but still isn’t big enough for anything that produces heat. I tried my little hot pot on it, hoping that it would work. Would love to be able to use my crock pot, and I figured if I could heat water, I could use the crock pot. Oh well. It is done and I can run fans, radios, etc. whenever I want now until the sun goes down. Happy to have it working.

Last night I peeled and cooked a little bag of gulf coast shrimp I bought in Rockport TX. I grilled them. They were very good, but I lost one or two thru the grill. I need a small pan with holes in it. Or a grill basket. I think I have one of those. I also had a tomato, some onion, an orange pepper and some refried beans all wrapped up in a packet and tossed on the grill. Was a good dinner. I had one of the local grapefruit for desert. I also finally fired up the pile of stuff in the fire pit, the pile was getting quite large, so I had a nice little campfire and got rid of some cardboard and stuff in the process.

That about wraps up my day. I snoozed off and on in the afternoon in my chair in the screen house. Had trouble sleeping last night. Was up at 2:30 until 4 and then went back to bed to try to get a little more sleep. 

Today is the rockhounding trip, my first. We caravan to the claim. After that, I am not sure what goes on. I’m thinking it will be fun. We are looking for chalcedony today, one called The Desert Rose, I’m thinking it is pink. This afternoon, if I am up to it and feel like fighting traffic, there is that RVillage meet and greet at the Yacht Club. Tomorrow is chores. I will get an early start to try and avoid the traffic and hopefully won’t have to wait for a washing machine. People around here don’t seem to be early starters thankfully.

Well, I have to run. Need to get washed up and dressed, pack a lunch and make it to the rendezvous point by 8:30, and it is almost 7:30 now. My wash water is hot and ready.

Hopefully I will have some interesting stuff to write about tomorrow and some photos.

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