Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not the best start to the day.

Today didn’t start out the greatest. Kali Cat woke me up at 4 AM. I had to get up, was just lying there, and the first thing I did was step in cat poop. After cleaning that up and getting her fed, I decided to go back to bed. It was too early to fire up the generator and the solar gen was out of juice. Later, when I got up for real, I had to jump start the generator. Had to fight to get the jumper out of it’s storage space and go out in my jammies and get the generator started. I don’t know why the battery is failing, it is only four months old. I’m making sure my jumper is fully charged in case I need it tomorrow morning, but am planning on firing up the generator for a little while before I go to bed tonight and hope it will start again in the morning. Will have to figure out what is going on with that. Basically the same thing that happened the last time.

Yesterday was a success as far as my chores went. Got some awesome stuff at the farmers market, nothing at the post office, gassed up Firefly, got my laundry done and found the Rubber Tramp  Rendezvous location. Not sure I will be going back, didn’t really like the feel of the place, but you can’t always go by first impressions. It was a very long way out on some maintained but difficult road.

There wasn't much for fruit at the market, but while I was wandering around on foot while my clothes were washing, I got some oranges at the dented can store, and went back to the chamber and got my snowbird pin.

I also got three Quartzsite T-shirts at another tent. They were $6 each or three for $15. I got the three.

I decided I needed an Arizona map book. Went to a couple of places, but no one had any so I came back and ordered one for Arizona and one for New Mexico online. That will help me find some places when I am out and about and don’t have my computer with me. The map book I have is for the US and there isn’t enough detail in specific locations to be able to use other than highway driving.

In the afternoon, I finished the book I had started. Dinner was sauteed chard, ham and eggs. 

There is no sun yet today. I don’t know if it is going to clear or not. There isn’t any rain in the forecast, but it is very overcast and dark. Coyotes were yipping just outside the rig and it sounded like there were some pups. 

Well, time for me to get dressed and try to figure out what is going on with the battery. It is already 9:30 and I really can’t do that in my nightgown.

At least now I have Firefly so I can pull the house battery and get it replaced without having to drive Ody for three hours. Hoping I can do that in Parker, it is the closest Wal Mart. 

UPDATE: The battery needs water. Will pick up some distilled later today. Hopefully, that will solve the problem. I didn't know I was supposed to be checking it on a regular basis.


  1. You sure seem to want to make things much harder for yourself than is necessary !