Saturday, January 31, 2015

My offer was declined.

They declined the offer and didn’t counter offer. They just wanted me to give them a better offer. I decided that I had already given my best offer, especially considering the amount of work and the money it would cost to make the place livable. Monday, Carolyn and I are going to go look at some more places.

Yesterday I got  myself out of here and went and got drinking water, went to the post office and then went to Salvation Army for a little retail therapy. I spent all of $3.60 and got a new tote bag, a metal candle holder for the table, a small jar to put some of my smaller rocks in and a clay garlic keeper. I did feel better. Then I went to The General Store and picked up a few groceries. I bought one smoked pork loin chop to try, and my neighbor had told me about the deep fried chicken livers, so I tried those too. Had the livers for lunch, and they were very good. Had the pork chop for dinner, it too was very good. I grilled that with a sweet potato and some asparagus.

Read a book in the afternoon. The sun peeked out off and on, but it was mostly a non solar day. Today is supposed to be very similar. I want to experiment with my solar hookups, but need real sun for that. I want to try charging my solar generator through the inverter on the big panel. Thinking I might be able to take down the two smaller ones and use the stand for the bigger panel. It should be able to handle it. I’m going to try not to use the generator today, a lot will depend on the sun, if there is any. Doesn’t look promising, but tomorrow is supposed to be a great sunny day.

Kali Cat decided to play with her mouse for about two minutes last night. That must mean she is feeling a bit better. We are almost out of meds. I think today is the last of it. I’m hoping she stays well enough until we get settled somewhere. Someplace she can stretch her legs and get some exercise.

This morning I am off to a yard sale. One of the ladies at the trade blanket is having it. She also says there is a place for sale right near her, so I want to take  a look. Besides, I have been spending way too much time here at camp this week and I am getting bored. 

After two months here, I have finally figured out and written down what channels are the major networks. Hopefully, that will reduce the clicking. Seems like every time I land on a station, I have five minutes of commercials to sit thru until I find out what is on. I hate that.

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  1. Retail therapy always makes me feel better also =)