Saturday, January 3, 2015


I went and looked at that house yesterday. It was very disappointing. It had so much wrong with it that I had to say no. The lot was huge tho and had rabbits and quail on it, several RV hookups, but they looked like they didn’t work any more. It was just basically an abandoned, run down building. Too bad. I also called to find out the price on the RV lot I looked at they other day, they wanted more than the people wanted for the tear down house. Go figure. Definitely out of my price range.

While I was in town I stopped at the post office and picked up all my packages. The pump, gas can, cup holder and generator exhaust system all came. I opened the gas can and filled that and the other two so I could gas up Ody. Then came back and tried out the little pump. It worked pretty good. Slow, but I didn’t have to stand there and hold the gas can the whole time. Between the new can and the two little ones, I transferred 10 gallons. Should last a few days. Maybe I can get it down to once a week. Especially if it warms up like it is supposed to.

Did some reading in the afternoon. Got the new phone activated because the sim card also came in the mail. And that is about it. The wind was cold again, so I spent the afternoon indoors. I did try to install the generator exhaust, but I need to get an extension for the pipe because it isn’t quite long enough to be able to hook up to it. Nothing is ever easy. I will deal with that at some point.

There is a craft fair today, but I doubt that I will go. It is the same vendors that were there last month. I don’t have anything else on the agenda except a walk. I haven’t been walking every day and need to get back to that. 

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