Sunday, January 18, 2015

A few pounds lighter...

Yesterday’s tailgater was a success! The bike is gone, the seats are gone, and so is a bunch of other stuff. I made about a hundred bucks. I can’t complain. I left here at 7 AM (still dark out) with a car that was literally loaded to the gills, I even had to remove the back window, and came back with just three partially full bins. What a relief to finally have the bike gone. I took a hit on it, but I was almost ready to pay to have it gone. Now all I need to do is sell the scooter and I can order the hard top for the tracker. I ended up giving the seats away, but that beats putting them in the dumpster. 

Next month I will go back to the tailgater, it will be my second and last one of the season, and will setup some of my own creations. I did trade some stuff, bought some copper, and traded some more stuff. That is half the fun. Met some really nice people and people are starting to recognize me. I really do like it here. I have to get serious about a lot if I want to come back. It isn’t bad camping out in the desert, but I would like to have my own place. Hmmm….if I bought a lot with a shed on it, I wouldn’t have to sell the scooter, I could just park it in the shed while I am gone, and charge it back up when I come back. Something to think about. It was cold tho! I will wear shoes and socks next time and make sure my toes are covered.

I was back before noon yesterday and read for a while while I was waiting for the Bountiful Baskets pick up time. I bought a basic basket which is half fruit and half veggies. This is my first one. I got oranges, pears, lemons, tomatoes, a spaghetti squash, onions, green beans and peppers. Definitely worth the money. But it is a lot for one person. I don’t do pears, so will be taking them to the trade blanket later today. I also need to do some house cleaning this morning and find some other stuff to trade. Maybe some of the leftovers from yesterday.

My solar panel seems to be doing the trick. The battery is staying charged up and has enough charge to run some lights and start the generator in the morning. Soon, when it warms up a little, I won’t have to use the generator. That will be nice, and also a savings. There is one more set of screws where I can hook up an inverter directly to the charge controller. I want to get that done today. I looked for some leads yesterday that I could cut, but didn’t find anything. I guess I will have to cut the ones I have. I will just make sure to leave the cut ends long enough that I can reattach them if I need to. I also need to set some maximums in the controller. Will figure that out today.

The only thing on my agenda for today is the trade blanket at three. Tomorrow I am going to take the soapstone carving course. Tuesday is a rock hound field trip. A bunch of people are going to the Desert Bar today and I was invited, but I had already made plans to go to the trade blanket. There are a couple of others that can’t make it today either, so there will be another trip next Sunday. I am planning on going to that one. There is an RVillage get together on Tuesday afternoon, and if I have enough energy after the field trip, I will go to that too. I think I am doing pretty good about getting out and about with other people considering I am all by myself. This isn’t something I did in IP, even with people that I knew. No one here cares. I like that.

The Big Tent opened yesterday. The traffic in town is horrendous. I am planning on going, but will wait a couple of days. Maybe Wednesday since I will already be in town doing laundry and chores. Should be a little quieter by then. Hopefully. It runs two weeks. The Pow Wow also starts on Wednesday. That is a Gem and Mineral Club event. No issues finding parking for that. And I still want to do Q Mtn photo trip too. While the place is still packed with RV’s, and then maybe again after everyone leaves.

Got a nice little shower last night. Water could have been warmer, but I managed. Then cooked chicken, brussels, green pepper and a couple of portabella mushrooms on the grill. Was a good dinner. Now that I have figured out that I can use the gel fuel, I will be using the grill more often. I can just sit in my chair and read and tend the grill while it is cooking. Much better than using the frying pan and dealing with the cleanup.

I AM going to walk this morning. I haven’t managed for a couple of days, so it will have to be a good one.

I will leave the scooter up for sale. Now that I have considered storing it, I’m not so anxious to sell it. I could also store it in Yuma for the summer and not have to haul it everywhere. It is a fun toy and I like it. I just need a helmet and some more experience riding it. I will have to look in town and see if I can find a suitable helmet. The bike helmet went with the bike as it didn’t fit in the scooter trunk.

Well, time to get washed, dressed and walking. 


  1. Glad you liked the Bountiful Basket. Sometimes, you can trade something you don't like to someone else doing a pick-up for something they don't like.

    1. It's a lot of stuff for one person, but I will do my best to use it.

    2. When the wearher warms up you could make a solar dehydrator and dry some of your excess?

  2. Sounds like you are going to be very busy. I still have a few years before I can start full-timing, can't wait to join all the fun. =)

    1. I am really enjoying my time here. I am planning on coming back when the summer temps moderate to something bearable. :)

  3. I could probably do that is dry enough here. Especially if I used the car...:)