Sunday, January 25, 2015

Too windy again!

I didn’t go to the blogger fest yesterday. We picked up more wind, so I just kind of hung around here all day. The sun was out and it was warmer in the afternoon, but I don’t like wind, and didn’t feel like trying to socialize in it. Besides, I think I am peopled out for a little while.

I got energetic in spurts and starts, but mostly not. I did pull the mattress and got the xmas quilt put away along with a couple pair of sheets I decided to hang on to. Remade the bed. Vacuumed, put a few things away. Then read a book. I tried to sit outside, but the wind was chilly. There was enough sunshine to run the fan inside. Plus I got to open the windows. It had been several days and needed some airing out.

Later in the day I decided it was too cold to shower outside, besides, all the walls and the shower tent were still down due to the wind, so I just washed my hair and trimmed my bangs. Feels good to have clean hair. Then I pulled the trash together, my water bottles, and went and got rid of the trash and refilled all my wash water containers including the solar shower. Maybe today if the weather cooperates I can get a shower. My hair is already washed, so I won’t need as much water.

I’m getting the feeling that the local real estate agents don’t think I am worth their time and effort. I have now been in contact with two of them, and you would think they would try to sell me something. I haven’t heard a word from either of them. I know what I am looking for doesn’t give them much in the way of a commission, but something is usually better than nothing. I’m really not a nomad, and want a place of my own, even if it is only for eight months of the year. I want to be able to spread out and setup a work shop or work room of some sort too. Plus, I want electricity and running water. Even if they didn't have anything at the moment, you would think they would keep in touch.

Tomorrow I will go look at a couple of places that are in the paper. After the big events are done. I’m thinking I will also go see if that quilt is still there. Today is supposed to be the Desert Bar jaunt, and maybe the trade blanket. Haven’t heard anything about the Desert Bar trip since last week, so I don’t know if it is still on. I need to buy cat food too. She has one can left that I will be opening tonight. I don’t like getting down that low on her food, she has become so fussy with it.

I will be happy when it gets light earlier. The sun doesn't come up here until after 7:30, and being a morning person, that isn't early enough for me. To me, if it is still dark, it is still night time. It is 7:20, and the sun is just starting to come up. And it doesn't warm up until the sun comes out.

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