Monday, January 12, 2015

Bee sting.

I swallowed a bee and it stung me, in my throat. I don't think it was a full size bee, one of those little tiny ones that aren't really bees, but have stingers. A mini bee. I took a hit off my drink in my cup with a straw without looking at it first, and the next thing I know, I had been stung. Wasn't a lot of pain, but was really uncomfortable. I can still feel it this morning, but it isn't bad. Thought there was going to be some swelling last night, looked for my Benadryl, but I think since it had such an adverse effect on my blood pressure, that I tossed it all. I should probably get some more in case I need it in the future. I have added it to my shopping list. The Benadryl I did find was all topical and wouldn’t work in this situation since my sting is in my throat. It did cut my socializing short tho. And made me sleepy. Go figure.

The generator started this morning without having to jump it. I guess my little solar trickle charger helped, even with “partly sunny”.  I guess it is time I look into a real solar panel with a charge controller. Every day is a new learning experience. I will still get the battery replaced when I hit civilization, but until then, I think I can get by with the solar. At least for a while.

Yesterday I walked, almost a mile. I usually do more, but it was Sunday and I don’t normally walk for exercise on Sunday. But I have been slacking off on walking, so I put in a little effort to try and compensate. After my walk, I started working on the car. I pulled both of the back seats, what an improvement! So much more room, and I can actually access the back from the front now. I will be able to put more in the car when I travel too. It just feels so much better and open and less messy. Although the messy part probably won’t hold up with every day use. :) 

While I was at it, I grabbed a couple of sheetrock screws and secured two cup holders and one tin tray for holding stuff between the seats. The car has a glove box and some cubbies, but nothing that can be easily reached from the drivers seat, and there were no cup holders at all. I have already dumped more than one cup of coffee in it. Shouldn’t be a problem now.

I moved the scooter, rack and bike out closer to the road. It is getting more interest out there. Have posted them and the seats on FB, hoping to get all of that sold so I don’t have to haul it around indefinitely. Have put out feelers locally for a hard top and a place to get some maintenance work done on the tracker. But if I can get the scooter sold, I will order a new hard top for Firefly. It would be great if I could find a used one, but I don’t have high hopes. And I haven’t seen any junk yards around here.

So late yesterday, before the bee incident, I meet a guy who came to look at the bike. His name is Lee and he is an artist. I didn’t however find out what kind of art he does, I was on my way to meet the new neighbors three sites down. Will have to spend some more time with Lee and find out what he does. He is a full timer too. I met Linda and Stan, and found out that Jean’s name is actually Jane. She is the one that came and checked on me to make sure I was ok after the bee sting. I will always check my straws now, I wasn’t even looking and just took a big hit of my drink. By the time I realized what was going on, it was too late. 

There wasn’t a trade blanket yesterday which worked out well as I hadn’t planned on going anyway. We’ll see what I can pull together this week for next Sunday, if anything.

One of my other FB friends has finally hit Q. We are going to meet and have a meal at some point. That should be fun. She is a silversmith and does some beautiful work. She has a toy hauler with a workshop in the back. I’m looking forward to seeing her setup and some of her work in person. She is also a friend of Gail, the woman that stopped in Elephant Butte to meet me. Small world. :)

There wasn’t enough sun to heat the water for a shower yesterday. I have hopes for today. 

It is chore day today. Gas up the car, get gas for the generator, the post office and Dollar General for some stuff. I may also stop at the solar place and check things out. I have a panel kit picked out on Amazon, but want to see what is available locally before I order it. If I can get the same thing here for equal or less money, I will.

I need to do up a poster for the scooter to put on the bulletin board down town. I really would like to get that sold. I’m torn tho, it is a fun toy, but too much work to haul around. And the tracker can go so many places the scooter won’t be able to. If I were closer to town, I would use it. But I am not, and most places that I have been, I would be too far out of town for it to be useful.

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