Sunday, January 11, 2015

I didn't go anywhere

Yesterday was spent monitoring the battery. Checking the voltage every ten minutes while the generator was running, periodically after the generator was shut down and then again, periodically after I attached the solar trickle charger. The solar trickle charger wasn’t very effective as we didn’t have much sun yesterday. Hoping today will be better. I did have to run the generator for a while last night to make sure it would start this morning. The trickle charger should eliminate that today, hopefully. Might need a bigger setup. We’ll see. I’m thinking the battery needs to be replaced since it was low on water and is probably damaged. It is still under warranty, until September. So it isn’t something I have to do today. I will probably wait until I go back to Yuma in March if I can manage to keep it going with the solar. It just isn’t holding a full charge.

I did about a mile and a half walk. Stopped and introduced myself to a couple that has a Suzuki Samurai with a hard top. They bought it with the hard top. I was hoping they could point me in the right direction to find one for Firefly. Was nice chatting with them tho. They are from California. I see a lot of Washington, California, Alaska, Idaho, and very few New England plates. Minnesota and Wisconsin too. Some Canadians, mostly Ontario. It is an interesting mix of people. I did finally find the hard tops online, it would run me about 1K. I’m going to have to seriously think about it. If I could get the scooter sold, I could use that money to get the hard top. I guess I should put more effort into selling the scooter.

I did rearrange the screen house yesterday so I could leave the shower enclosure up. I’m all setup for my next shower. I also put the scooter out with a for sale sign on it. I don’t know if it will sell, but you can’t say I didn’t try.

I’m thinking about removing the back seats in the tracker to make more room. I will probably never use them, but wonder about the resale value if I get rid of them. Or, how to get rid of them. I don’t know if there is a market out there for tracker seats. Probably not, but is worth a try. They do take up a lot of valuable space in the car. Maybe that is what I will do today after I get my walk in. Spend some time on the car, clean it out, remove the seats, try to make the windows so I can see thru them. The visibility in that thing is terrible. The plastic windows are really hard to see thru, so backing up is a challenge. You wouldn’t think with a car that small it would be an issue, but it is.

I don’t know if there is a trade blanket today or not. Not sure I am going to go even if there is. I don’t have a lot to trade now that I have gotten rid of some stuff. What I do have left isn’t tradeable, is worth more than I would get in trade. I do need to go to Dollar General at some point and pick up a few things, but will probably put that off until tomorrow so I can go to the post office and get some gas for the generator at the same time. I need water too. Both drinking and washing. Hoping for a shower later today. That will depend on how much sunshine we get today.


  1. For the Tracker windows, there are plastic window restoration kits on Amazon, and sometimes the Dollar Store or Walmart carry them too. I think the headlight restoration kits are the same stuff, but probably more expensive because they won't have as much product in their kit. To find the cheapest hardtop I would call a local auto salvage yard and ask them, even if they don't have any or don't sell parts they are usually very friendly and will help you find whatever you're looking for and might buy those back seats from you too. I had a maybe silly thought this morning about warming your water. What if you put a piece of glass over the bucket instead of the lid and lay one or several magnifying glasses on top of that glass. I was thinking of the tabletop glass that a HobbyLobby or Michael's type of store sell. Sometimes the Dollar Store or Walmart have those little outdoor tables with a glass center. ??? I hope you get your battery problem settled, that kind of thing seriously annoys me, lol, so best of luck with that!

  2. I did a little research online and read that Pledge works really well on vinyl windows I can get that here and it is fairly cheap, so I am going to try it. It is amazing how much more room there is in the car with those seats out. If I had a garage, I would just put them in there, but I don't. I have posted them on FB, we'll see if there are any takers.
    When the sun is out, the water heats up just fine, so I am not going to spend anymore money on that for now. If it becomes an issue, I will figure something out. Glass is a good idea tho.

    Will get the battery issue figured out at some point. Again. :) It is very annoying.