Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fish out of water

Twice since I have been here I have felt like a fish out of water. Most of the time that isn’t an issue. I have been making an effort, getting out, meeting people and doing things way out of my comfort zone. Today for instance…I went on the rock club calcedony field trip. We met at 8:30 this morning and caravanned to the site. I didn’t feel out of place, people were friendly and helpful.  It didn't matter that I was alone. And since I was almost there, I decided to continue on to Stone Cabin by myself. There, I got a burger and fries, chatted with the people at other tables, and felt fine about it. Tonight, however, was a different story. I got myself showered (no easy task out here in the middle of the desert) and dressed and went to the RVillage meet and greet at the Yacht Club. There was some traffic, so there was some level of difficulty, and finding a place to park was another issue. I finally found a spot and went in. Well, immediately, I felt out of place. It was dark, packed with people. All were sitting with other people and the only person that made any attempt to talk to me thought I worked there. So I am very disappointed. I didn’t stay. 

The majority of my time here has been like this morning. Didn’t matter that I was alone. Everyone was friendly and helpful. But tonight wasn’t one of those times. I made the effort. That says a lot. It is one of those things that just hurts. I will think twice before going to another “gathering”. The other time I didn’t feel good about it was when I went out to the RTR, another gathering. Just didn’t feel right, and I didn’t stay.

I took lots of pictures today and will get some posted tomorrow. For now, I am going to relax and tell myself to get over it. So far my Q experience has been 98% positive.

UPDATE: Patio? I didn't see any patio...guess I went to the wrong place. :(


  1. It's rough when you are a bit shy. One of my best friends HATES groups where she doesn't know anyone. I've found that the quieter, more reserved people are often some of the most interesting. I wish I was already full-timing. I'd drag you with me like I do her! Hug

  2. I would have to agree with your friend. I have done a lot of things outside my comfort zone in the last few months. Most of the time it isn't bad, but every once in a while you get a lemon. :) But it also helps if you go to the right place. All that angst for nothing! :)