Friday, January 23, 2015

The Pow Wow and more wind

Was another breezy day yesterday, and just like the day before, it didn’t start until about mid day. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as the day before either, but again, not something to be out in.

I went to the QIA Pow Wow, walked around a couple of hours, did about two miles and took lots of pictures. Some people didn’t mind, others said no pictures. Here are the ones I uploaded yesterday afternoon.

I’m thinking about going back and getting the quilt that is in one of the photos. It is at the little antique/junk shop that is next to the QIA building and it is only $50 - full size. Probably won’t be today, sometime next week after the Pow Wow is over. If it is still there. Would make a really nice addition to my collection if I ever have a place to display them. The only thing I bought yesterday was a book and some raffle tickets.

I did a little work in the screen house yesterday, but since it was windy again, didn’t get the parasail panels up. I did get the tarp down tho. That is a definite improvement. It isn’t supposed to be windy today, just a breeze, so I should be able to get things put back together.

I don’t have anything on the agenda for today. I do need to get rid of some garbage and a shower would be nice. Other than that, I’m open. I might actually have to start dealing with some of the beads I bought - like the lapis flowers. I also need to pull together some stuff for the trade blanket in case I have time to go on Sunday. Supposed to go to the Desert Bar with some other people and I don’t know if I will be back in time to do the trade blanket. 

Here is a picture of me that Charlene took on the field trip on Tuesday. I was trying to dig up a rock. :)

Here is the one from Jan 1st when we did Q Mountain too… This was after the climb and I am using this as my profile picture now.

Kali Cat seems to be fine. Just the usual complaints…"Mom doesn’t feed me. Ever!" But she seems to still be gaining some weight and is eliminated like she should be. I guess the supplements are helping. 

Was too cold and windy to cook out last night so I had the last of my pork chops with the green beans from my basket, a boiled onion and a sweet potato. The last local tangello for dessert. Was a cold night and only 48 degrees inside this morning, 38 outside. I have both heaters going trying to get warm. My fingers are still cold.

I could go to the post office today, but if there is anything there, it can wait until Monday. The Pow Wow should be over by then and less traffic. I think the big tent will be done too. I have sat in traffic  waiting about enough for one season. I do plan on going out tomorrow, but the post office won’t be open. A lot of the temporary people will have left by then. 

There are a couple of lots I want to look at the next time I am in town too. I took the paper with me yesterday, but there was way too much traffic to bother.

This week’s photo submission was this, I actually did two…the theme was frames within a frame. 

I’m actually not thrilled with either photo, but they fit the theme.

Well, guess that is about it for today. It will be a walk around here this morning. I did almost two miles again yesterday just wandering around the pow wow. I do have to say, I am getting tired of seeing rocks. It is all basically the same stuff I have been looking at for almost two months now, just in larger quantities. Time for something new. I’m on rock overload.

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