Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outdoor shower and more battery issues.

Went for my 1 mile plus walk around the camp yesterday. I wore my Teva’s and my speed increased. Instead of a 19 or 20 minute mile, I did it in 17.5. So I guess it really is easier walking in my sandals. Felt better too. Today I will switch from my jeans to shorts. I was getting uncomfortable with the long pants.

After that I went up to La Posa North to check out the yard sale, see if it was anything I was interested in participating in. It wasn’t very big so I figured it wasn’t worth the trouble of loading things in the car and hauling them up there. I did buy some DVD’s tho. I will have a few things to watch when TV isn’t available. From there I went in town, the post office, Salvation Army, Bealls, and the Tyson Wells Stage Museum. Oh, I also checked out what was being called an estate sale, a bunch of crap.

Spent the afternoon reading, and then before the sun went down, got my first outdoor shower. Worked pretty well. I do need to move it’s location tho, the sand where I walk too and from the screen house got wet and it clumped up on my flip flops so I had to take them off and leave them outside. Now that it is warmer, I should be able to shower more often. As often as I am willing to fill my water containers and as long as there is sunshine to heat the water.

I need to rearrange the screen house so I can leave it setup now that I am actually using it. A project for today.

Oh, I did do one other thing before I came back, stopped at the Rock and Gem Club, got a tour and joined. Tuesday I am going to a glass fusing class and Thursday is orientation and lapidary orientation. After that, I will learn how to make cabochons. I am thinking I will try each class at least once, see if there is something that I can do on my own, and like.

I am probably going to have to jump the generator this morning. The charge indicator is down a notch. Sigh…I guess I didn’t fix the problem. I did pick up a solar trickle charger at Kmart the other day, so I will hook that up and see if it solves the problem at least temporarily. When I get near a Wal Mart, I will see about getting the battery replaced. Again. There is nothing running to cause the battery to drain like that. I think the fact that it needed water killed it. It will hold a good charge about 12 hours, but not 24.


  1. Interesting... I have some cabochon stones, but have NO idea how to make them... Will be curious to hear how it goes...

  2. Me too! I may already have the equipment to continue this after I am done with my classes, we'll see.