Monday, January 5, 2015

A little warmer

I puttered around yesterday waiting for the trade blanket in the afternoon. I did pretty good. Got rid of some stuff, brought home a jar of canned alaskan salmon and some beads. Some of the beads are useable, some will go back next week.  Before I went to the trade, I stopped and bought more butane and found the penny press machines. There are two of them, one was out of order, so I will have to go back. I did get three pennies pressed which leaves four more to be done.

I really don’t have a whole lot to write about today. Nothing new, didn’t do anything exciting. I did go look at a couple of lots for sale by owner, but they are in an HOA, so I am really not interested, plus, they were very small and crowded. Will just have to keep my eyes open.

I have decided to wait on the propane until I actually run out. Not sure when that will be, but we will see what is left in the freezer when it does. Maybe I won’t bother to fill it again. I go to town often enough that I could shop a little more often and store less food. Change the fridge over to electric and cool it once or twice a day. We’ll figure it out when it happens. Guess I need to start using up what is in there.

Clutter! Everywhere I look, there is clutter. It is driving me nuts. I guess first thing this morning is a little cleaning and organizing.

Was a bit warmer last night, 33 degrees out, 40 something in. One more night in the 30’s and then it is up to the 40’s at night. That will make a huge difference. Was an impressive sunset last night.

KC still seems to be fine, maybe the supplements are helping. She gets one a day in her morning food. 

Might try out my grill tonight. I have an acorn squash that needs to be used and some steak in the freezer…Did better on the snacking yesterday and my numbers are better this morning than they were last week. Hopefully going in the right direction.

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