Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We have propane

I decided yesterday that I really needed to deal with the propane situation, so I lashed things down, disconnected stuff, and pulled out to go get my propane filled. I had people waving at me, and I realized about half way to town, that I hadn’t cranked down the TV antenna and that the step ladder on the back wasn’t lashed down. I also forgot to take in the thermometer sensor that I have hanging out the kitchen window. Other than that, it was a successful trip. Filled the propane and gassed her up. Thankfully, there were no low wires or tree branches and the antenna survived and everything else stayed attached. That is what happens when you get used to staying in one place.

This time I was ready for Kali Cat and her barf/poop and just generally bad riding issues. She did both. At least the poop was in the box, but it sure did smell! And when she barfed, it was on the pee pads that I had down on the floor. So cleanup was minimal.

After I got back and got settled back in to our spot, I hopped in the car and went to town again. This time I filled my drinking water bottles, hit the post office and went to the dented can tent across from the post office. I also stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and grabbed some literature, and then headed off to try to find the RTR camp. No luck there. I hadn’t brought the map and directions with me. I will try again. This time I took a picture of the map and have the gps coordinates.

Last night I tried out my new grill. Cooking with charcoal has a learning curve. This time I got them to burn pretty well, but I didn’t use enough and it took forever for my steak to cook and my squash was only cooked on one side. I will have to re cook that later. The grill worked just fine and I dumped the coals in the fire pit when I was done. The steak was very good. I used a new spice I picked up of chili and garlic and added some lime juice for a little marinade.

Today I think I am going to go to Crystal Hill for a short hike and to see if I can find some crystals worth collecting. It is in the corner of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge about five miles from here. http://www.fws.gov/refuge/kofa/

 I have also joined a 52 week photography challenge and this week’s piece is on the rule of thirds. I’m sure I already have something I can use, but want to get some new pics. Haven’t decided if I am going to take both cameras or just one. They are extra poundage. 

I need to put together a small hiking pack. I got a lumbar pack at Salvation Army last week for a buck, used it when I climbed Q Mtn. It will have to do. For now. The price was right. But will continue to look for a better solution and maybe a better water bottle too. I will look at the packs at LL Bean, maybe a hydration pack would be a good idea.

Well, I guess that is about it. I would like to get an early start for a change. I also need to get rid of my garbage before I head out.

The view of the moon through the screen house wall early this morning.


  1. Hey, Holly - I'm sure most of us have driven away with the TV antenna up, I know I have, twice! I have a checklist that I use when I drive away from camp, and it includes the TV antenna, bird feeders attached to the rig, tire covers, UNHOOK FROM THE ELEC POLE, secure doors and drawers, etc. Everyone has a different list. In the beginning it was longer, but now some things are automatic and I just glance at it to be sure I didn't miss anything.

    Also, I ALWAYS walk around the rig, look up and under the rig from all four sides. You should catch anything if you always do that. I think most RVers do a walk-around. :)

  2. Yeah, I really need to put together a check list. Was fine when I was traveling on a regular basis, but now that I have been still for a while, I forgot. A walk around wouldn't have hurt either, but I was too intent on getting the job done to remember to do that. My own fault. No damage this time. :)