Friday, January 30, 2015

Still waiting

Yup, still waiting to hear. Starting to make me cranky. That, along with the weather, Kali Cat being sick, and the upcoming anniversary of Jake's death, I find I am fighting off a depression that is trying to creep in. We have had several days with no sun already, and not supposed to see any until Sunday. I'm hoping it makes an appearance long before then. I need my sunshine.

It will be fine. For the most part, I am not stuck inside, the sun will be back and things will go on. They always do. I will force myself to get dressed and get out of camp. Today I have to go get drinking water and go to the post office. I will find one other thing to do to make it a fun trip. Not sure what yet, but there are still so many places I haven't been. Maybe the naked guy bookstore...

I did get a shower last night, clean hair helps a lot. :) Went the whole day yesterday without firing up the generator, in spite of the fact there was no solar. But did have to fire it up this morning as everything needed charging. Mainly, even when there is sunshine, I still have to use the generator for the heaters. The nights are getting warmer and I will be needing the heaters less, so I will be using the generator less. This is a good thing. Would like to be able to go several days without using it. If there is sunshine, I should be able to without a problem.

Maybe today I will hear something. Otherwise, Monday I start looking again. It doesn't take a week to say yes or no.

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