Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bit of a rush this morning

I have to be out of here early this morning to set up my yard sale stuff at the tailgater going on at the pancake breakfast at the rock club. I don't have much time, but wanted to write something quickly, and will fill it out more later.

Yesterday I put the scooter back out by the road. A lady showed some interest in it, I have my hopes up for that. I also drove it up to the dumpsters and got rid of the garbage. It is fun to ride, but I don’t think keeping it would be worth the extra work involved. The thing is heavy and hard to load onto the carrier, or, at least it is for me. Besides, I am afraid it is going to fall off. I did haul it all the way here from Yuma without any issues, but it was a nervous drive.

Anyway, got an early start on installing the solar panel and charge controller. Had it done by noon time and it even works! Yay. Did it all by myself. It was fun to plug a fan into the inverter and be able to run it without having to worry about draining the battery. Of course, that only works if there is sunshine. For now, the panel is just leaning against Ody. I do need to create a stand for it. No rush, gathering ideas. Has to be lightweight and easy to disassemble.

Rough night sleeping. Had a little trouble going to sleep, then woke up at 2…not Kali Cat’s fault, was too warm. Went back to bed at 4 and couldn’t get warm or back to sleep. At 5 the CO detector battery decided to die, so I gave up. I even started the generator a half hour early this morning because I was cold.

Well, gotta run. Will add some pics later and how the tailgater went. Gotta find some time to walk today since I haven't for a couple of days now.

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