Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another craft fair and a little more exploration.

I got a pleasant surprise when I went to town yesterday, there was a craft fair going on at the Senior Center across the street from the Salvation Army. I wandered thru there for a little while, and got the card for the lady with the nice copper jewelry. I did get a couple of things for Christmas for next year. Then I went to the Salvation Army, didn’t find much of anything there, but did get a Quillow (pillow/blanket combo) for fifty cents. I then took it directly to the laundromat and tossed it in and washed it. It is in mint condition, so now I have a TV watching blanket that has a pocket for my feet. It folds up into itself making a pillow. I had made a bunch of these years ago, and I wore mine out - literally. This one has puffy batting and a kitty fabric.

While I was at the laundromat, I spotted Sylvia and Al walking along the road. We chatted for a little while. I met them originally at Elephant Butte, and then again at Leasburg Dam. From there, I was going to head back to camp, but did stop at the Flatlander’s Mercantile, didn’t see much of anything there, and I walked both sides of the road to see what else was available. Then took a wrong turn when I left, didn’t look at my compass to see which way to camp. I ended up turning around in a mexican imports parking lot and figured since I was there, I would look around. I did buy a few things there. They had some beautiful imported sinks. If I only had  a place to put one. I got a mexican blanket to put on the bed after Christmas and a couple little metal sculptures and a tiny hand carved quail. 

Back to camp and had some lunch, read a book, and then DVD’s for the rest of the evening wrapped up in my new quillow.

I am finally sleeping later in the morning. Yay. It is too cold to be up without being able to run the generator and get some heat. So the later I sleep, the better. Only had to wait a half hour this morning. It was 36 degrees out this morning, 50 something in.

Today’s challenge is to figure out how to get my hair washed without hot running water. The solar shower isn’t heating up enough during the day. I think I am going to have to let some water out, maybe get a second one and only half fill both. It gets warm, but not hot.

Oh, I also got some rocks at the craft fair. Again, hoping for inspiration. Already tumbled and ready to use.

Tomorrow there is a trade blanket going on at 3. I want to check it out. I have plenty of stuff to get rid of, so maybe I can swap it for something useful. Will have to go thru my stuff today and set some things aside. It will also be a way to meet some people.

Oh, and I finally placed a claim on eBay for the broken sewing machine. Got my money back. I feel bad for the seller, but I am also glad to get my money back. It wasn’t packaged well, and I really doubt that it actually worked, it had packing peanuts inside it, and several cracks and breaks. I might take it to the trade blanket tomorrow and see if I can rehome it. If not, it will go in the dumpster.

Mike and Judy left Wisconsin yesterday and headed to Chandler AZ. They did 900 miles yesterday and if they keep up the pace, might arrive tonight. If not, they will arrive at a decent hour tomorrow. Not sure when I will see them, but am not planning on taking Ody, just Firefly (the car). Which means I can’t be gone too long because of Kali Cat and her feed schedule.  Maybe I can get them to come visit me for a day.

So, my goals for the day are to walk, get my hair washed, and pull together a bin of stuff for the trade blanket tomorrow. Not a lot, but will keep me busy for a little while. 

I picked up a package from my sister at the post office yesterday, but the mug that was in it didn’t survive the trip. :( It is too bad, it was a really nice mug and I had been looking for a nice xmas mug. It was only wrapped in paper, so it had no cushion. I think part of last year’s gift was broken too if I remember correctly.  And I also got a package from Ellen. :) I will have one package to open. Iola said she sent something too…


  1. Looks like only half my comment posted. ?? I would like your shipping address too.
    Or FB messenger is fine too. :)

  2. And now my original post vanished. So... I really like your quillow, what a cute idea, the kitty pattern is very clever too. And what brand of solar shower do you have? Does the weather have to be in the 80 degree range to get hot water from it?

  3. Darn I forgot to repost that Ody would look great with one of those custom sinks, did any of them have a dragon fly pattern?

  4. The Mexican sinks are gorgeous!