Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter in the desert

Yesterday, after I got done writing and cleaned the litter box, I discovered a puddle of pee in the passenger seat. Thankfully, I had a moving blanket over the seat so most of it didn’t soak thru. I mopped that up looking for any discoloration, and it was a sizable puddle. No red, totally clear, and so far, no other “accidents” since. I now have the seat covered in several layers of waterproofing. Sigh…I worried all day about this, and am hoping that she isn’t getting sick again. Her nose was quite warm, but seems to be ok now. I can’t keep doing this. But I also  can’t make “that” decision. Especially since she seems to be just fine otherwise. Will just have to keep an even closer eye on her.

Anyway, another quiet day. Never made it out of the 50’s and it got windy again. I was reading online where winter lasts about two weeks here, so hopefully we are about half way thru. Was 28 degrees outside this morning and 37 in. I have run the generator and both heaters until the CO detector went off, I may have to start it up again when the air clears. I did get it up to 60 degrees, but it is still 29 out, so it won’t hold at 60 unless the sun comes out very soon.

I piddled around a little with the car yesterday. Lubing door locks, cleaned up my garbage, etc. New air freshener. Locks are working a little better and I think I have worked out the problem with the ignition key. I have a hard time getting it out when I shut the car off. Gotta push before pulling, it makes a difference. Didn’t have to do that with any of my other cars. It will be come habit soon.

I finished the Sex and the City DVD’s and even watched one of the movies. Time to find something else to watch. Maybe Gilmore Girls, haven’t seen that for a while. Or see if there is anything worth watching on regular TV.

I didn’t leave my campsite yesterday. But I will be going out today. I need to stop and pick up a few things before the swap this afternoon, and I also need to get rid of my garbage and fill my sun shower bag. It has been too cold to heat up the water in the black bucket, so no showers until it warms up some. Hoping for this next week. I didn’t think it would be this cold here. I didn’t walk either. By the time I got dressed and out, the wind had already picked up. The wind is very cold.

I got all my Christmas stuff down and put away. I took all the balls off the tree and tossed them. Cut the base off the tree, rolled it in some brown paper and bagged it. Found a spot for it in the storage area, so it is good until next year and out of the way finally. I put the base in the small plastic bin the rest of my xmas stuff is in. Feels a little less cluttered than it did. This rig is so small that not much I can do that will make it feel uncluttered. I will figure out a way to reattach the base when it comes time to set it up next year.

I have a little bit of web work that I need to do. Have been putting it off because I have to haul out the big computer to do it. Although, I learned how to FTP on this computer when I was with Mike. Just not comfortable doing it on a customer site yet. Will have to play with it and get comfortable with it. 

The sim card I ordered from Walmart has been delayed, so I canceled that one and ordered one directly from StraightTalk. I can’t activate the phone until that comes. Unfortunately, it is a different size from the one in my old phone, so I can’t just use that one. I could probably trim it, but don’t want to take the chance of damaging it and not having any phone for days. Besides, it needs the sim if I want to reactivate it at some point.

I have had the generator and heaters off about 45 minutes, it has already dropped 10 degrees in here. I will have to get dressed soon before it is too cold to wash up. But will do the web work first and get that out of the way. I may have to fire up the butane heater. But will try to get by without it.

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