Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Road Trip!

Rough night last night. Woke up overheated and stuffed up. Stayed up until I was cold and could breath, but then couldn’t get back to sleep. I think I finally got a little bit, but it was full of those dreams you have when you are semi conscious. They were about working at BEU…I wonder what that was all about? Haven’t thought about that in years.

Anyway, got my laundry done yesterday morning, gassed up the car and filled both spare gas tanks for Ody. Also walked to the post office while the laundry was washing. My pop up shower enclosure came.  Filled my water tanks on the way back and got the sun shower out and heating up. Added the gas to Ody, about an eighth of a tank worth (5 gallons), and that will run the generator conservatively about a week. I’m going to try putting off a propane run until after New Year’s, but we will see how it goes. I’m only using it for the fridge, heat is electric and butane. Cooking is butane and electric.

It got windy yesterday. That always makes me nervous. My little tree blew over even with rocks on it’s base, so I had to get bigger rocks. I kept an eye on the screen house, so far so good. It has held up to some pretty nasty winds so far.  Read another whole book, then came in and watched DVD’s for a while. I didn’t do much about getting ready for this morning, will do that as I go.

My feet never warmed up after I went back to bed this morning. And when I got up just before 6, the temperature indoors was 47 degrees. I have both heaters going now. I usually only use one. One of them is blowing directly on me, the other is facing the bathroom so that will be nice and toasty when it comes time to wash up and dress.

Oh, I got another shower last night. :) This time I used a 5 gallon bucket, sun heated water, and had enough to wash my hair. I did have to heat a small pot of water because the water cooled some from the time I brought it in to the time I got my shower. Dinner was cooking when I brought it in (pork chops and brussel sprouts). Next time I will use my pop up shower enclosure instead of adding water to my tanks.

Starting to get excited about my road trip today. Considered leaving the car here and bringing Ody, but I already made my reservation, and leaving KC here by herself will probably be a lot less traumatic for her than several hours on the road. I am so looking forward to seeing Mike and Judy, and the hotel room almost as much! Gonna use up a lot of that free wifi. I have been putting off updates because I didn’t want to spend the money on my pay per gig. Tried the McDonalds thing a week or so ago, but it was so very slow I canceled it. 

The cracked screen on my ipad is really bugging me. I guess I will end up replacing it. I don’t want to spend the money, but mine is actually about five years old now. I did good with my first ipad. :) Managed to keep it whole and working a long time. Will probably go with the mini next time.

Well, it is 7 AM and about 20 degrees warmer in here than it was when I got up. So it is time to start getting ready to head out. 

Merry Christmas everyone!