Thursday, December 4, 2014

Clean laundry and empty tanks.

Yesterday was a very frustrating day. It started out OK, but went down hill. I got a shower, and that felt really good, went to town, hit the post office, farmers market, and then tried to find a laundromat. There are two in Q, but my gps couldn’t find either of them. I found one just by driving around. It is right next to the Arco gas station I have been using. Then when I went to get a cup of coffee at the gas station, I asked about the other one. Once my laundry was done, I went searching for the other one. It is directly across from the market I have been going to. Go figure. I knew I had seen it. They also have a restaurant and showers there, although the showers are $7 for 20 minutes. I might treat myself to a real shower some time. 

When I got back, got everything put away, veggies in the fridge, etc., I decided to take the bench apart to see if I could see where my leak is. No luck. Got the bench apart, but can’t see where the water is coming from. Put that back together, left the screws out so I can just pop it open again. Took apart the little ledge under the table, nothing there either. 

The weather looked like it was going to improve for a few minutes, patches of blue sky, a hint of sunshine. But it didn’t. It sprinkled off and on all day, so KC and I took a nap. I didn’t do any sorting. 

The bathroom had a distinct smell, so I decided it was time to dump the tanks. What a major cluster that was. By the time I got everything moved and secured it was late and misting, but I went and did it anyway. Poor KC had just had her dinner and lost it on the rug. The dirt road is very bumpy and my cast iron pan came flying out of the microwave, almost hit KC. Other stuff falling and banging. It was not a fun time. I got really cranky. I decided since I had Ody out, I was going to town and gas her up. I am not taking her out again any time soon. The whole experience was a  nightmare. I’m going to have to see if I can get a truck to come to me. It almost isn’t worth the hassle. 

Went to town, gassed her up, and filled up my fresh water tank on the way back, then couldn’t find my campsite as it was misting and getting dark. I managed to get myself one dirt road over too far. I came in a different way to hopefully reduce the side to side motion and falling items and to get Ody facing in the right direction. I managed to spot the screen house and get back to where we were supposed to be. When we stopped, Kali Cat promptly peed on the other rug, so I ended up pulling both of them and tossing them out the door. Not sure how I am going to clean them here. But they were rained on all night. It looks strange in here with no rugs, especially the OSB floor.

So, when I was running the cord for the solar panel after we got back, I discovered water literally running out from under the fresh water tank. The floor is all soft and squishy under the table and seems to be spreading. So when the tank is empty again, I am going to have to pull it and try to figure out where it is leaking. Hoping to be able to patch it, but will probably have to replace it.  Then I will have to see about replacing the bad floor, which means the linoleum will also be ruined and will have to be replaced. I will do the bunk area at the same time. I’m hoping to get the rugs cleaned and back in so I don’t have to see the linoleum damage and the OSB in the bunk area.

Needless to say, I am cranky, and generally not in a good place right now. December is always hard for me. I thought being somewhere else might help, but it really isn’t. It will be better when the sun comes back and I can get outside and get the sorting done. That job feels like it has been taking forever. I just want it done and the excess gone. Then I can do something fun. Just not sure what that is. I have wheels, I can do some exploring.

On the plus side, I have clean hair, clean laundry and a full tank of gas. I did manage to get back to my campsite, but not in the exact same spot. I will have to move some stuff this morning, and maybe pull Ody ahead a couple of feet. 

I will have to go to Yuma some time in the next week or so and pick up the scooter.  Supposedly it is being delivered today. I’m not much in the mood for it right now, and I really don’t want to go anywhere tomorrow.  Maybe Monday. 

The post office wasn’t fun. A long line, had to wait. They only had one person on duty. And that is only going to get worse as more people arrive.

At the farmers market I got some turnip greens, green beans and some radishes and a squash. I didn’t need lots as I still have some stuff left from last week. The brussels didn’t look as nice this week so I passed on those.  I was so cranky by the time I got back last night and got resettled, I didn’t want to fix dinner. I ended up having canadian bacon and eggs with a pumpkin spice english muffin. I had planned on having some sauteed turnip greens and garlic shrimp, but wasn’t in the mood to fix it.

Just looked at today’s weather forecast, another drizzly one on tap. Won’t see any sun until tomorrow. I might not bother to get dressed. Throw on some sweats and call it good. I can’t work outside in the rain. Although I could work on my Christmas list. I didn’t have any plans to go anywhere anyway. 

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