Sunday, December 21, 2014

Scooter for sale!

I have decided to sell my electric scooter. I would much rather be on four wheels instead of two.  It has eight miles on it. All charged up and ready to go. Would make a great Christmas gift. Hitch rack included. $1200
La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ

Yesterday was a puttering kind of day. Got my walk in, covered a little ground I hadn’t done before. Then came back, chatted with my neighbors a for a few minutes. They are going to be here all week, so they will keep an eye on things while I am in Phoenix. 

Mike and Judy made it to Winslow yesterday. Almost there. They have about three and a half hours to go. It will be a little over two hours for me to get there. I’m looking forward to a night in a motel with a real shower, electricity and free wifi. :) PLUS seeing Mike and Judy. It has been about eight years since I saw them last. I still don’t know what the schedule is, so I don’t know when I will be going.

I did get my hair washed. I ended up putting some foil around the sun shower, and removing a gallon or two of water and putting it in a black bucket. So it was lukewarm, but was warm enough to do what I needed to do. The flow on the sun shower was very disappointing, I am hoping the battery operated one is much better. Solar hot water and an outdoor shower can be done, it just needs some tweaking and experimenting.

Nothing on the agenda for today except the trade blanket, and that isn’t until three this afternoon. Since it is Sunday, I am probably going to blow off the walk for the day. I did better this last week, walked every day but Wednesday. A day without aching hip joints would be nice.

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