Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cold and windy.

I didn’t do much yesterday, it never really warmed up and it got windy again. I’m not liking the wind much. Makes me nervous. Mostly about the screen house which is my storage area. I will need to go out today and rearrange things since it has blown every which way for days. Tomorrow is the swap blanket, so I need to go thru the stuff anyway.

Today isn’t supposed to make it out of the 50’s and windy again, and I haven’t walked at all this week. I really need to get back out there.  I read a book yesterday, and when I finished that, I started the Sex and the City DVD’s again. I have another day or two before I run out of those, then will have to find something else to watch. Maybe I will try TV again. I haven’t turned that on in about a week or so.

New Year’s day there is a group that is going to climb/hike Q Mountain. I am going to give it another try. I had planned to anyway, and maybe they know of another route. I will be taking my walking stick this time. So I really need to get out and build up my endurance again, even tho that is only a week away. I will walk today, thinking about heading out somewhere and walking some place different. I get so bored! After that, I might get the sewing machine out and do the curtains for the bunk area. I may even start taking down the xmas stuff and seeing how compact I can make it. I am going to take the balls off the little xmas tree and toss them. They are glass and breakable. I have broken a couple already. I will keep the tree tho and find some new unbreakable ones next year. Will probably cut it in half and take the base off so I can put it in a tube or small box of some sort…maybe. I just thought of a place I could try to stash it, but the base will still have to come off. I wouldn’t have to cut it in half tho. Not sure where I will put the lights, but they are solar so they will be put to use and not packed away.

I ran my little butane heater all day. Used about three cans of butane. Expensive. I get about four hours of heat out of one can. I did find a place in town that sells it for $6 for four cans. That is about what I paid for it online. It was 40 degrees indoors this morning and 32 out. One more night of this and it is supposed to warm up for a while. It wasn’t even nice enough to heat my black bucket of water. I didn’t go fill the shower bag anyway. Didn’t clean out the car, didn’t do much of anything. I did eventually get dressed.

I have decided I want to get a few more of the battery operated candles I bought at Dollar General a week or so ago. They are great! They are on some sort of a timer and come on by themselves and stay on six hours and then turn themselves off. They fit in a standard candle holder and look like real candles when lit with the flicker and all. And they give off a surprising amount of light. So I want a couple of backups. I don’t know if they sell them year round or not, so I want to get them while I can. They were only $2 each.

I did get one string of lights up inside Ody yesterday. They look pretty crappy during the day, but look nice at night. For now, I have the little solar panel inside the glass, but it really should be outside. Although I noticed my tree, which is outside, didn’t last the night like it usually does, so maybe there just wasn’t that much sun yesterday. Poor little thing is all lopsided and looks pretty ugly right now. Has taken a hell of a beating with all the wind.

The new phone is supposed to be unlocked today. I will get that done, but I can’t activate it until I get the new sim card. That won’t be until some time next week. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long. 

I did download the photos that I took at Christmas, but there weren’t many and they weren’t all that great. I got a couple of good ones of Mike, but only one of Judy from the back and none of Nevaeh. Oh well. 

Well, it is just about time for me to get moving. I’m glad I kept my gloves and ear muffs, it is still 32 degrees out and I can’t walk in temps like that without gloves or covering my ears. Pretty much anything below 50 degrees makes my ears hurt.

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