Friday, December 5, 2014

A quiet day

Yesterday was a very quiet day. I didn’t do a thing except read. Since it started out rainy and nasty, I just put on sweats and hung out all day. It was also a day of eating. At least everything I have here is healthy, so I didn’t eat a lot of junk. I did have my turnip greens and garlic shrimp for dinner.

The rugs are still outside. I unrolled them so they are spread out, and I dumped the cleaning water from the turnip greens on the one she peed on. Hopefully, between that, the fresh air and maybe some sunshine today, it will be OK. The first water dump had salt in it, the second was clear water. I will scrub up the one she threw up on and get that cleaned up. 

It isn’t supposed to rain today, so I want to get out to the screen house and sort everything that is out there. I need to get that job done, it seems to be taking forever. 

There is a lot going on here this weekend and I would like to be able to see some of it. There are yard sales, craft fair, chowder benefit and a parade of lights. I would like to see the parade of lights, never having seen one. IP should consider doing something like that. There are also stores and booths that I haven’t checked out yet including a bead shop or two. 

I just tracked my orders, most of them are already at the post office waiting for me, so maybe I will go in town today and grab them. I would like to get the sorting done first, although, I really could use the extra solar panel. With the lack of sunshine this week, I haven’t been able to watch much TV. Last night I put the new 12v outlet I wired up to work after the solar gen ran out of power. It worked quite well. But I had cords stretched from the TV to the bunk area, wasn’t real thrilled with that. I need to get the longer extension and see if that will send enough power to the TV for use in the future. 

Got the Critters & Creations shopping cart working again. Not sure what was wrong with it, but I am glad I looked. I haven’t added anything new to it, but want to get started on making stuff again. I also want to learn watercolor painting. See if I am any good at it. I got all that stuff out the other day so that it is easy to get at. And I have one of the books sitting here on the dinette to motivate me. 

Kali Cat seems to be fine. Peeing, drinking water…I have to clean out the litter box twice a day, and am watching for small clumps. She seems to be processing lots of liquids. Hoping the supplements are helping to keep her from getting a UTI again.

Guess that is about it for today. I need to get out and walk this morning, I haven’t walked for two days. It is foggy this morning. I guess that is something that doesn’t happen often here. Might get some good pics.


  1. The sound of rain drops against the window always make me sleepy. I think there must be a rule somewhere that says activities are limited to napping and reading only when it rains! Hope you have a wonderful day today.

  2. Today is an improvement over yesterday. Got in a walk, got some sorting done, went to the post office, but I am about ready to wind down now. Hope your day was a good one.