Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wildlife outside my door

I didn’t do much after I wrote yesterday, kind of lost my momentum. But I am feeling the need to get the sorting and downsizing done. I have reached the point where I know I need to do it, but am also avoiding it because I know I am not going to want to part with any of it.  Plus, the selling is also the hard part. 

There wasn’t a lot of sunshine yesterday and my solar gen was having a hard time charging, so I fired up the generator late afternoon, and figured since I had it going, I might as well take advantage of it and baked my dinner. I had squash, pork chops and a tomato. I’m getting the convection/microwave figured out. I haven’t used it much as it needs either electricity or the generator to run.  And I did very little cooking while in Yuma.

This morning I ordered my butane heater from a different seller. It says they ship UPS, but it took my USPS address. They will either ship it or cancel the order. Time will tell. Still figuring out my morning coffee. I used my french press while in the NM state parks, but I don’t like having to clean it out. It uses up too much water trying to get all the grounds out, and they go down the drain. I can’t use my Keurig unless the generator is running, so for the last week I have been having instant coffee. Ugh. I have a cone filter, but it isn’t big enough and is kind of tippy on my mug which scares me. Playing with boiling water in the wee hours of the morning is probably not the safest thing to do. I found a larger cone on eBay and ordered that. We’ll see if that works better. Then I just use a paper filter and dispose of it, no rogue grounds. Anything that I have to use water to clean is not efficient.

After lunch I read another book. I know I should have been working on the downsizing, but I had already accomplished a lot for the day. 

I think I can put off moving Ody for another day or two. Stretch it out as long as I can. Still over a half tank of gas, or was before I ran the generator for two hours yesterday. The generator will continue to run until I get down to a quarter tank, then it will either shut itself off or won’t start. I came in with a little under three quarters of a tank of gas, so when I fill it, I won’t have to move it as often. I won’t be going in to town today since tomorrow is the farmers market, so maybe I will get that last section sorted thru. THEN I can start on sorting the stuff I already hauled out, get some of it listed online. And maybe make a few bucks to compensate for some of the money I have spent lately. I will try to remember to hit the post office while I am there, my copper should be there waiting for me.

Had some wildlife here last night. At dusk I had a coyote wander thru camp. I did get a picture of that, not a great one, but it was clear enough to see what it was, then later, when I turned on the light to go close the outside door, there was a fox checking out the squash seed I put out for the birds. I took pictures, but it was really too dark. After I saw him, I went and dug up my spotlight for next time. I will also try to have a better camera at the ready, although it probably won’t be back.

It was already getting dark, so the photo isn't very good.

Completely dark, outside light on, but just a hair too far away for the flash. You can just make out the fox silhouette.

I’m looking for another camera body. I don’t like having to change lenses, but the smaller Canon that I have is so slow, I miss a lot of pictures. I want one exactly like my big camera where I can take continuous shots without the camera having to stop and process each one, but with my smaller lens on it. I will sell the smaller camera if I can find a body at a decent price. Plus, a smaller camera and lens will be easier to carry around. New, the body I am looking for runs between $600 an $700 dollars. Ouch. It will have to be a used one. Still pricey, but much more affordable. Plus I can cover most of the cost when I sell the other camera. It is an awesome camera, just doesn’t suit my needs.

I have to say, I am kind of bored. No one to hang out with or do anything with. Just like in IP. At least it is warmer and no snow here, and things are still new enough to make even a trip to town interesting. There are three thrift shops here in Q. I went to one yesterday, The Salvation Army, and that place was hopping! I will check out the others later. I can’t be buying stuff as I have no place to put the stuff I have. Especially since I lost a huge storage space when I moved the bed. I have wondered how many pounds I have removed. Ody will be happy she doesn’t have to haul all that extra stuff, especially now that we are dragging a car along behind.

I stayed up later last night hoping to sleep later this morning. Didn’t work. 3 AM again. I am going to try to go back to sleep. It doesn’t get light here until after 7 AM now, so I should be able to get another hour or so. Hopefully. 

I’m thinking when I get the sewing machine, if it works well, I am going to try to cover the dinette benches with something. I really don’t like the stock fabric. Then the cornices…I may also remove the day/night shades and put up curtains of some sort. I don’t like them and don’t use them much. Curtains are much easier. We’ll see how that works out. 

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