Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not much today.

Not much to write about today. Got my chores done yesterday. Didn't bother to buy gas for Ody, when I checked, I had used less than a quarter tank running the generator. Will do it next time.

Hit the farmers market, did laundry and did a little shopping at Dollar General. Picked up my package at the post office and then headed back.

By the time I got back, it was rainy and nasty, so I spent the afternoon inside watching videos after I read a book. I think it is supposed to clear up today. We could use some sunshine.

Need to get some wiper blades for Firefly. Hers are dry and stiff. But they did work.

Nothing on the agenda for today. Again, I should deal with the stuff I have in the screen house.

The package I picked up at the post office was my solar lights for the hanging candolier. I got those installed and the screen house now has light.

It doesn't feel much like December or Christmas to me. Even less than it did when I was in Vermont.

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