Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The tree has lights, and I had a shower

I got a shower right here in the rig yesterday! My battery operated shower thingy came yesterday, (http://www.amazon.com/Ivation-Battery-Powered-Handheld-Portable-Shower/dp/B00IFHFJXI ) I got it all charged up and there was enough sun to make the water in the bucket quite warm. I hauled it all in and got a shower indoors since my enclosure hasn’t arrived yet. It felt good even tho I had to keep turning it off so I would have enough water to finish rinsing. Not enough water in the little bucket to do a hair wash too, but I can do that separately. So, if the thing holds up, it is money well spent.  The black bucket actually seems to work better than the sun shower bag. I will have to see if I can find another black bucket to double my water.  Plus, the one I have could use a lid. Of course, everything has a learning curve. The shower thingy is rechargeable and charges up via USB, and I will charge it with my little solar generator.

Yesterday morning I went to the post office. I picked up my sewing machine, two sets of solar string lights, the shower thing, a Christmas gift from Iola and one other thing that I can’t remember right now. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to wait too long in line. I guess I timed it right - again. I also hit Dollar General and picked up a few groceries. Then back to camp and opened everything. 

I read two books yesterday. It was quite a bit warmer, so I spent the afternoon in the screen house . I even got to open Ody’s windows for the afternoon.  I put one set of lights on the little tree. It looks nice, Still lit up this morning. The other set is over the table, still bundled as I haven’t decided how I am going to put them up yet and were the solar panel is going to go.

Other than that, it was an unremarkable day. Kali Cat played with her gift from Iola. That was fun. I got some of it on video.

I ended up with the two strings of solar lights because the one that I thought was going back because of the wrong zip code actually made it to me. Go figure. But I can use them both, one inside and one outside. Or, I could set up one set in the bathroom. Without electricity, there is no night light in there. I will find a use for the second set. My little tree wearing it's set.

I have been up since 2:30 and am going back to bed now to try and get a little more sleep. I will be doing laundry this morning and getting ready to head to Phoenix tomorrow. I need to gas up the car, pull a few things out of it, get my stuff together, and am hoping to get a hair wash and a shower in before the day is over. I will also have to fill my blue water tank since I will be putting what is left in the black bucket to heat. I could probably get by another day or so without washing my hair, I will have access to a real shower tomorrow.

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