Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An unremarkable day

Yesterday turned out to be very similar to the day before, sunny for a couple of hours, then dreary and cold the rest of the day. I’m getting some reading done. Was too cold to take the scooter out again. But it is supposed to start warming up again, and we should be getting more sunshine in a day or so. There hasn’t been enough sun to charge up my solar gen, so I have been having to run the big generator twice a day.

I did get in a walk. Nothing exciting, just along the roads and back. Am hoping to do some more exploring here when it warms up enough to ride the scooter.

Barbara stopped in for a quick visit on her way to town yesterday. 

I finished up the rotisserie chicken and cleaned out the fridge in preparation for today’s jaunt to the farmers market. I also need to do laundry and hit Dollar General for some cat litter. Plus I need to fill my drinking water bottles. And go to the post office. I know of one package that is there, and there might be more by now. I will fill my gas cans for the generator, and dump the garbage at the dumpsters while I am out. Chore day.

I just got notification that my sewing machined has shipped. I don’t know if I will get it before Christmas or not, but it will be nice to finally have a working sewing machine again. This one is much lighter than my old kenmore. I will need to get a case for it tho, I have selected a soft sided case which will make it easier to move around.

I did a little bit of web work for one of the snowmobile sites and then created and sent out invoices for this year’s updates. I don’t make much money on it, but it is better than nothing. I have another to do this morning.

Once I get all my chores done, I may shop the other side of Keuhn road. I haven’t done that yet. There is a Flatlander’s Mercantile I would like to check out. But I can’t spend any money. It is time I started making money instead of spending it, it isn’t bottomless, and it doesn’t grow on trees.

Well, that is about it for here. Nothing new and exciting. I managing without running water, so far so good. But it hasn’t been sunny enough to heat up the solar shower, so I haven’t been able to try that out yet. I may have to pay for a shower this week. I will have to take Ody out some time next week to gas her up, both gas and propane, and dump my tanks, but until then, I’m good. Or will be when I fill the gas tanks.

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