Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cold and wet.

Not much to write about this morning. I went for a walk yesterday, went across the desert and thru the washes instead of following the roads. Just for a little variety. Almost two miles.

Did some reading in the afternoon. I had a can of gel fuel going for a little heat in the afternoon, so I decided to force it to multi task. I was having catfish for dinner and was going to open a can of turnip greens to go with, so I did that and put it over the gel fuel. By the time I got the fish cooked, the greens were hot. Was a good dinner. I cooked an extra piece of fish for lunch today and will have the remaining greens with it.

I didn’t go anywhere or do anything yesterday, saving it all for today. Unfortunately, there is no farmers market this week. But I will still do the post office, laundry, refill my water tank and hit Dollar General. I should get another couple of containers of gas for Ody, but I think I will wait until I get my pump and bigger gas can. Will be much easier to deal with.

Oh, I got the sewing machine out and tried it out yesterday. It is a little different than my old one, but it works ok. I got the polar fleece - very rough - curtains done for the bunk area. I ended up using the elastic cord that I already had there to hang them. The rod I got at DG wasn’t quite long enough, and it also stopped working. It wasn’t a tension rod anyway, so would have been a real pain in the ass. I am taking it back today. The curtains didn’t turn out even, but that is ok, the do what they were meant to do. Oh, and I did it all on sunshine. :) I used my solar generator to power the sewing machine. 

It is going to be a miserable, cold, wet and windy day today. It is just barely above freezing and started raining some time during the night. When the rain eventually stops, the wind is supposed to pick up. The rain is different here. It is bigger drops, further apart and really doesn’t wet much of anything other than you if you are out in it. It hasn’t poured rain yet. Just enough to be annoying and uncomfortable. Not even wet under the rig.

I was invited to the neighbors campfire tonight, weather permitting. Supposed to be sunny and cold tomorrow for the hike. Have been gathering information for other walks/hikes in the general area.

Today when I get back from doing my chores, I am going to put on a bean soup on the gel fuel. I will need it for the warmth, and I have been soaking the beans overnight. An afternoon on the fuel should be enough to finish cooking them. I have to get serious about my diet. Need to work on getting my numbers down again. I need to break the snacking habit. 

Kali Cat still seems to be fine. Thankfully. I have caught her sitting in front of the heater a couple of times, but mostly she snoozes on the bed. I moved her little bed to the bench by the dinette and she sleeps beside it, not in it. She really doesn’t like that bed. I’m glad I didn’t spend the money for a bigger one.

Won’t be any shower tonight, no sun to warm the water. Hopefully tomorrow after the hike. I still have plenty of room in the gray water tank, so until that is full, I will be showering indoors with a heater going. The days are supposed to warm up next week, so that will help. The warmer the day, the hotter the water. I may also try making a solar oven. That is on my list of things to try out.

Howard called yesterday to check up on me. We chatted for a while. I mentioned coming back to Yuma in March and they were good with that. So that is the plan for now. It will start getting hot by then and electricity for the AC will be very handy. Might even get the water tank dealt with then. In the meantime, I will hike, explore, and maybe join the rock and gem club for a little socialization. They have field trips too. 

Well, time to get myself moving. I want to be at the post office shortly after it opens. That seems to be the best time of day, shorter lines. My sewing machine case and folding grill are there waiting for me. Can’t wait to try the grill. Then laundry, and a little shopping at DG.

Happy New Year!


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