Monday, December 29, 2014

Another cold one

Yesterday stayed in the 50’s and it got cold again last night. When I got up this morning, it was 25 out and 37 in. I stayed in bed until 6 which is when I can fire up the generator. I have it all the way up to 57 degrees inside now. I wonder how my water lines are holding up, I never considered a possible freeze, it is Arizona!

I spent a little time in the screen house rearranging and pulling stuff for the trade blanket. My pile of stuff out there has gotten pretty small. Yay. :) I even reorganized the outside storage area. I have used enough of the butane cans and that made room for me to put some loose stuff in the bin. 

The trade blanket went slowly, lots of chatter, local politics, etc., and I ended up leaving a little after five with only two trades under my belt. Neither were that great, but I reduced my junk pile by a little. Some of the stuff I brought back will be taken up to the dumpster area and left for people that can use it. I brought home a few pieces of jewelry that I will take apart and reuse the components, and some DVD movies. Mostly guy movies, but better than nothing when I am looking for something to watch. I will remove them from their cases and put them in sleeves to reduce space usage.

I left for the trade blanket a little early and filled my water bottles. I also went to Dollar General and picked up a few things. Got more of the battery operated candles. They were on sale, half price, so I bought extras. They are the greatest things! I put one in the bathroom so I will always have a night light, and two of them are on the dinette table. They are on some sort of internal timer. They come on at the same time every day and stay on for six hours, then go off. Can’t beat the price. 

I also grabbed a shower curtain tension rod, the only thing that would go to 53 inches, for the curtains over the bed. I’m hoping it will fit without having to remove the day/night shade. I don’t like the shades, but I don’t want to remove them either. Resale value and all that.

I was going to stop and get some gas for Ody on the way back, but it had gotten cold and I really needed to use the bathroom. I will have to go get some this morning. Plus, I haven’t been to the post office since Tuesday. Must be something there to pick up. 

Kali Cat woke me at 4 AM this morning. She was poking at me with her claws. I’m afraid some day she is going to get me in the eye or something. She ended up having to wait until I got up at 6 because I wasn’t getting out of bed if I couldn’t turn on the heaters. She seems to be fine. No more out of box peeing that I have found, no blood and her nose has cooled off. Got my fingers crossed!

Mike is coming to visit today. Yay! My first Quartzsite company. I’m looking forward to it. Not sure what time tho. I can follow his progress on my phone tho. 

Well, time to get washed up and dressed. I have already heated my wash water before I shut down the generator and I don’t want it to get cold before I can use it.  Hoping it will warm up enough in the next day or so that I can get a shower!


  1. This looks interesting, what do you think?

  2. I just noticed they sell the coil separately too. Maybe using two five gallon buckets would work great!

  3. That would be pretty handy if I had a campfire on a regular basis. But I don't. But definitely something to keep in mind. :)