Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A little bit of four wheeling...

Yesterday I went to the QIA to check out the crafting thing, and it isn’t classes. It is just a gathering for people to craft together. One huge table was full of older women creating jewelry, and one table had one lady painting with acrylics. I didn’t stay, but now I know what it is. 

I came back and decided to drive up the road and walk some different scenery. Did a mile and a half on a section of road that I wanted to see more of. So I went back and got the car and did some four wheeling for an hour or so. It so reminded me of the weekends that Jake and I would spend driving the logging roads and all the back roads of the NEK. It was fun but bittersweet.  I went several miles in second gear, 4x4, until I looked at the map on my phone and realized that it was a dead end road, so I turned around and headed back. I was kind of hoping it would come out on a main road somewhere. I didn’t have my cameras, just my phone, so I took a bunch of pics with that. I want to go back with the big cameras and get some more pictures. Will be a good exercise for the new camera body when it gets here. Here are a few pics from my ride..

Had lunch and then finally dug into the Christmas present thing. Got everything I have here wrapped, got it all on my list, just about ready to print labels and get them sent out. I want to get them out tomorrow, will print up the labels today. I need the space, and I want it done. I have a few more I need to deal with, but will wait until I go to Yuma for my scooter. I can get what I need there. I also ran to town to buy some Christmas cards I had seen the day before at the General Store, went to the post office to get my package and was going to buy stamps, but the line was too long. I will have to get the stamps some other time. I also spent some time addressing envelopes and working on my card list. 

I finally remembered and found a cheap bird feeder while I was in town. I had been looking, but hadn't seen any. Stopped at the hardware store and picked up a cheap plastic one. Got that filled and hung when I got back.

We didn’t have a lot of sun yesterday so I had to run the generator last night. Since that was running, I made a seafood quiche for dinner. If I have to run the generator, I might as well take advantage of the power and use the oven. I did get my second 20w panel and got that hooked up, but again, with no sun, it wasn’t much help.

I need to find some more walking trails/paths. I get bored so easily with walking the same routes over and over. I saw something that looks like a road or a path in the BLM across the road, it leads to the big Q on the side of a hill. I would like to do that. I will need water on that one tho because there are hills involved. It will be more of a hike than a walk. I have looked online, but haven’t had much luck finding much.

I don’t really have much else this morning. It was a full day yesterday. Howard says the scooter is supposed to be delivered today, we’ll see how that works out. I will have to make a run to Yuma to get it. Probably Thursday. Tomorrow is the farmers market and laundry day. And Howard doesn’t have his carving class on Thursday.

Kali Cat seems to be doing fine. Still filling the litter box. She really likes being able to sit on the bed and look out the window. Although I caught her on the table looking out that window when I got back the other day. The screen house is a mess right now, so I haven’t taken her out there since the first time. She didn’t like it much anyway.

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