Friday, December 19, 2014

Another slow day.

Weather wise, it was nicer yesterday. Still cool tho. I spent the morning outside, but came in and read in the afternoon. I had an impromptu campfire last night. Got tired of seeing the boxes and stuff sitting in the fire pit and torched it. I think I am going to have to rake out some of the ash before I have another. My sun shower didn’t get all that warm, but maybe it will be warm enough today to get my hair washed.

I walked my garbage over to the dumpster, almost a mile and a half by the time I got back. Listed a few things on the local buy, sell, trade FB page, and that was about it. A book for the afternoon and DVD’s for the evening.

I had catfish and turnip greens for dinner. The rig is so small, I can’t cook anything in the frying pan without the smoke alarm going off. Every night. Even with the fan over the stove going. 

Kali Cat still seems to be fine, knock on wood…I’m fine. I’m eating too much, bored. Need to break that habit. At least I don’t have a bunch of junk food here so everything I eat isn’t bad for me, just too much of it.

That is about it for today. A trip to the post office, maybe a little wander someplace I haven’t wandered yet. A walk, and if it warms up any, maybe a scooter ride later. It has just been too chilly to be riding. Wishful thinking, mostly cloudy and cool today, high of 63. Maybe I will take a ride to Blythe and check that out.

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