Sunday, December 7, 2014

Too many jewelry makers

Got myself up dressed and walked yesterday morning. Pretty much the same route I have been doing. It is getting boring. Time to find someplace else to walk. I am even willing to drive there to do it. Will have to see what is available.

I came back, rested a few and then headed off to the craft fair. It was quite large, better than I expected, but I would say 90% of the vendors were jewelry. I basically cruised past most of it because it was jewelry. The couple that I did stop at were on me, so I didn’t stay. And I didn’t take pics, although there were a few things I would have liked pics of. Anyway, when I left there, I checked out the General Store which is actually a grocery store, and the Animal Rescue thrift shop where I spent $2. I am seriously considering giving up jewelry making as there are too many people that do it now. I need to find a niche, something that people want to buy that is different. And isn’t too much work or repetitive. And will ship easily.

Back home, did some reading, took a nap, and then puttered for a while. Got my rugs cleaned up and back in, did some de-cluttering as the place is starting to feel really cluttered, and hung some sarongs as curtains over the storage area. I don’t have a working sewing machine, but thankfully the sarongs have fringe, so I used that to tie them to the stretchy line I already had hanging there. They hang straight and look like curtains, so now I don’t have to look at the storage bins. I will live with that for a while until I come up with a better idea.

Took out a piece of steak for dinner, used my new/used little stove top grill that I got at the Salvation Army last week to cook it since I still don’t have an outside grill. Had zucchini, red peppers and mushrooms to go with it. Kali Cat sat patiently on the opposite bench waiting for her portion. It was so cute I had to get a picture of it. 

Watched some TV and when that died, I went to bed. We haven’t had a lot of sun and my little solar gen isn’t lasting as long as it should. Hopefully we will be getting more sunshine very soon. My second 20w panel should be here tomorrow and that will help. It hasn’t topped off for at least a week now.

I tried out my new heater this morning. It actually did OK. Brought the indoor temp up a couple of degrees, and probably would have done better if I had closed off the back and had the cab closed off as well. I have the generator running now and the electric heater going. Save the butane for quiet hours. 

I decided this morning to put the little sewing machine back on eBay as a parts machine. I should probably test the motor first. And then went looking for a new machine on Amazon. Found one that I liked, an excellent price (almost half off and less than $80) and got that ordered. It is on back order, so I probably won’t see it any time soon, but I can wait. It is a singer 19 stitch. Less than half the weight of my old one. When that ships, I will order the carry case for it too. Tired of trying to find a small used one. Have wasted enough money on mini machines. I can be a slow learner some times. 

I don’t have much on the agenda for today. I am going to walk since I missed a couple of days this last week and I have been eating more. I need to stop that, I got rid of all my large shorts, so I can’t afford to gain any weight. Plus, I still have two pair that I haven’t fit into yet. Need to loose some more weight. I also need to drop my A1C. Might spend some time posting some stuff for sale online. It has to be dealt with. Maybe put out my yard sale flag. See if I can’t get some stuff sold today.

Tomorrow I will go to the post office, get my drinking water bottles filled, and buy some cat food. Scope out something else that I haven’t seen yet. There is a lot of shopping here, most of which I haven’t visited yet. 

I posted in one of the Q FB groups this morning looking for someone to come dump my tanks on site. Maybe refill gas, propane and water as well. The less I have to secure things and take Ody out, the better. The one time I have done it so far has been a nightmare. Although, if I planned it better and found a route that was fairly smooth, it probably wouldn’t be too bad. But supposedly there are people that provide the services that I am looking for. I hope so. That would make my stay here so much easier. If I don’t get anything online, I will post on the bulletin board at the gate house. A lot will depend on the fee. 

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. It is starting to get light. Time to get myself washed up and dressed and out for a walk. 


  1. Hey! I have a Kenmore sewing machine I need to get rid of. I thought I would bring it, but it's a little heavy and bulky for where I want to store it. Got a new Singer on Amazon Black Friday deals. You are welcome to have it when I get to Q. If not interested I understand. I've had it for years and is a good one.

    Either way, looking forward to getting to Quartzsite and camping with my gal pals again!

  2. Yeah, I had a nice Kenmore that I had to part with when I left. It was very heavy and bulky, so I thank you for your offer, but I think I will pass. I have a nice little Singer coming sometime in the near future. Got a great deal on it too. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you when you get here. :)