Friday, December 26, 2014

The day after...

Well, it was a long drive back yesterday, fighting the wind the whole way. The drive over to Chandler was a little better, but the tracker isn’t a good long distance car. If I have to do anything like that again, I will rent a big car for the trip. But it was great to see Mike and Judy. It was like we saw each other last week. We spent some time on our computers, I learned a few things. Chatted, ate, and did it all over again yesterday. I’m hoping they do come to Q before they head back to Wisconsin. I would like to spend a little more time with them.

My room at the Quality Inn was very nice. I think this is the first time I have ever spent a night in a hotel room by myself other than when I was sent to school when I was working for BEU. But, even tho the room was nice, the walls were very thin. I got to listen to the guy snoring next door. And then, in the wee hours, SHE arrived. Doors slamming, knocking on the door, etc. So I was up for a while. The bed and pillows were awesome. It was a pillow top mattress of some sort and was very comfortable. I took two showers just because I could. Hot running water, a flushing toilet, electricity, was a nice little treat.

When I got back last night, my solar panels had blown over. Looks like we had some pretty nasty wind here yesterday. I am going to have to put the tarps and lights back up on the screen house as well. I got the solar panels set back up and found an even bigger rock to weight it down. This is the first time that has happened.

This morning it was 33 degrees outside and 41 inside. I stayed under the blanket until it was late enough to fire up the generator. Now that the generator is off, I have the little butane heater going to keep the chill off. There is a freeze warning for tonight, so it will be even colder.

Mike and Judy gave me an iPhone 5 for Christmas. It was his before he upgraded to iPhone 6. I will need to get a sim card for it, and we are still waiting for it to be unlocked by AT&T, so I won’t be able to activate it until next week sometime unless Mike and Judy do come to Q and can pick up a sim at Walmart for me on the way. I have sent them the info on the card that I need. I got several Amazon gift cards for Christmas, I used one already for the sewing machine case. I may use the others for a bigger propane heater. I’m not going to jump right in and spend them, I need to think about it a little. 

Christmas eve dinner was traditional mexican fare. Was very good. Enchiladas, a chicken enchilada type thing, salsa, refried beans, etc. Christmas dinner was a ham and several kinds of salad. I got to bring home a doggie plate and had that for dinner last night. I have some ham left and will do something with that. Not sure what yet.

I had to stop and gas up the car on the way back, had a few extra miles due to the hotel round trip and was fighting the wind which reduced my mpg. We were just about in the red zone when I hit town. The Arco was open, so I stopped. I only had  a little more than two gallons left in the tank and would have been fine, but since it is a new (to me) car, I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to take the chance. Today I will put the fuel injection cleaner in it. 

I have a list of work that I need to have done on the car, mostly general maintenance stuff that is normal. I just need to find a reputable mechanic here.

I haven’t really walked in days. We did walk around the block yesterday, but it was more of a stroll for me, and Wednesday, a cruise around Walmart a couple of times by the time we got done, so I haven’t spent all my time on my butt. But I did eat like a normal person for two days, including desserts, so I will have to work those off.

I took a few pictures, but haven’t processed them yet. Will post them when I do. I’m getting a very slow start this morning and I have chores that need to be done and a walk to get in. Other than that, nothing on the agenda besides cleaning out the car. I have the old wiper blades, an empty oil bottle and trash from the drive that needs to be dealt with. And at some point I need to refill the solar shower so I can take a shower tomorrow. I'm hoping it warms up for the day and the wind stays away. The sun is out.

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