Monday, December 22, 2014

I was cold all day yesterday. It was actually cooler inside than it was outside.

The Trade Blanket was a success. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but I got over it. I got rid of everything I brought, and brought home a few nice things. Definitely smaller things. :) I ended up with two bottles of home made Prickly Pear Cactus wine, two jars of jelly, some earrings and a beautiful crystal wand. The wand is something I would have looked at, but not buy, so I am really pleased with that. 

Plus, I met some new people. They are planning on doing it again this next Sunday and I will have to see what I can trade. I did get a couple of things that I won’t keep, but it is a whole lot less than what I went there with. I also got a dichroic glass pendant that is a keeper. I’m taking one of the bottles of wine with me on Wednesday, maybe some jelly too. 

After I got back I chatted with Mike for a while. Figured out when I will be going to Phoenix and then made a reservation at a hotel. That took a while. The nice ones were more than I wanted to spend, then to find an affordable one in a decent neighborhood. I ended up with Quality Inn about ten miles from where they are staying. I will head out of here Wednesday morning and come back Thursday afternoon. They might even take a road trip and come visit me here. I would like that. I am looking forward to seeing Mike and Judy, and the bonus is that I will have a running shower, electricity and free wifi. Looking forward to that shower! I plan on taking more than one. 

I missed the fact that it was winter solstice until this morning. I am happy that the days will start getting longer. I guess it doesn’t affect me as much out here because I can get outdoors and have been.

I have several packages at the post office, my new sewing machine being one of them. I can finally do the curtains for the bunk area. My solar string lights are another, and the battery powered shower/pump. I don’t think the shower enclosure will make it by the time I pick up my stuff unless I wait until afternoon to go. But it is only four miles one way, I can go back again tomorrow if I have to. I should gas up Firefly and fill the two gas tanks for Ody. I also need to run Ody for a little while. It has been over a week and I don’t want to let her sit too long because the battery isn’t all that strong. I will have to replace it at some point, but will keep it as long as it isn’t too much of a pain in the ass.

I use my little heater last night. It worked pretty good. :) I only need it while I am up, don't use it when I am sleeping. I use the electric heaters in the mornings when I have the generator going.

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