Monday, December 15, 2014

No internet and a quick trip to Parker

Yesterday didn’t turn out the way I had expected. Was fiddling around and received an email on my phone that wouldn’t download, so I went to fire up the mifi to see if I could get to to load on my computer, and the mifi device was dead. That meant no internet! The only access I would have would be my phone. Sorry, I need my internet. I tried resetting it, plugging it in somewhere else, even fired up the generator, banged it on the table as a last resort..nada. So, the closest Walmart is in Parker. I had planned on going to Parker sometime this week just to check it out, but instead, I had to make a mad dash. It wasn’t a bad ride, about 35 minutes or so, all desert of course. 

Walmart was easy to find. I got the very last device they had. This time, I bought the protection plan since my last one only lasted about four months. It cost me $150 to get back online, but $50 of that is 5 gig of service, which I haven’t used yet. I was able to transfer my existing balance from one device to the other, and somewhere in there I gained 4 gig of service. I will save the card for the next time I run out. 

Did a little shopping while I was there. I got a 7 gallon water jug, probably should have gone with the two 5 gallon collapsible ones, as I can barely lift the full 7 gallon jug. I also picked up a few groceries including a rotisserie chicken and some potato salad. That will be several meals I won’t have to cook. Got some knobs for my door, and a few other things that were on my list, plus a few things that weren’t.

Since it was a spur of the moment run to Parker, I didn’t have any snacks with me, so I had to stop at McDonalds and grab a quick bite. Got a Jalepeno burger, and it was good! 

I didn't get a chance to drive around and check the place out as I had bought some frozen catfish fillets and I didn't want to take the chance of them thawing. I also didn't have a cooler bag and it was quite warm in the car.

Got back, got the internet up and working, but not without problems. The instructions were wrong and I had to call customer service. The guy was very good. Was very happy to be back online. After that I went and filled my solar shower bag and my new water tank, and took my garbage to the dumpsters.

The rest of the day, since it was late afternoon by then, was spent trying to find something to watch on TV. TV really sucks. I need to get a DVD player or find a place to put my big laptop so I can watch DVD’s. 

Chicken and potato salad for dinner. KC got some of the chicken. She loves it. She has turned into an annoying beggar since I have started giving her people food. She always begged before, but it is much worse now. And when she is hungry, she doesn’t hesitate to let me know about it.

It never got warm here yesterday. I don’t think it hit 70 all day. I wore jeans and my heavy sweatshirt with my hiking shoes all day. 

I did get a shower yesterday. Used up most of the water that was in the tank. Not sure if I am going to bother to fix it, because if I do, I will use it and then will have to deal with moving Ody and dumping my tanks. I might just try to get by with the solar shower and the 7 gallon jug. My drinking water is separate anyway. I buy that in gallon jugs. When I am hooked up to water, the tank doesn’t come into play, so I may just put it off until I go back to Yuma in the spring. The water jug is just outside the door and I brought in my wash water last night so I wouldn’t have to go out in the cold this morning. Plus, both electric heaters work just fine when the water heater isn’t on. A bonus. Yesterday I popped the breaker.

I’m still learning. It keeps things interesting. I am thinking I might sell the scooter, but I want to ride it a few more times first. I may change my mind, but we will see. It is a lot of work loading and unloading, and I don't know if I am going to use it all that much now that I have the tracker.

Oh, and the solar string lights I ordered got sent back to seller. I had the zip code numbers reversed and they went to Yuma. :(  I will get credited for that and I found a less expensive set on eBay. I want to put them on my little tree until after Christmas, then bring them in for light at night. I hope they get here soon enough to do that.

Looks like it is going to be another jeans day, it is only supposed to be in the lower 60’s. I want to spend some time in the screen house after my walk, and see if I can’t get some of that stuff gone. Plus, I could use the cash. 

Well, time to heat my wash water and then shut down the generator. 


  1. I enjoy your blog. I am 4 years away from hitting the road. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I was hoping I wasn't boring people. :) You never know!