Monday, December 1, 2014

I forgot.

I just realized that I didn’t write this morning. I started out my day around 4 AM, started looking on eBay for a sewing machine and a butane heater. I found both, but could only buy the sewing machine as the heater place doesn’t ship to PO boxes. Technically, the sewing machine I bought is a child’s toy. A 1960’s Singer Sewhandy electric sewing machine. I works just like a real one, but is tiny. I was originally looking at the antique featherweights, but they were more than I wanted to spend. As long as it can do a straight stitch, I am good. I have some curtains I want to stitch for the new bunk. Waiting to hear back from the guy about shipping on the butane heater. I need a little something for when I am not running the generator, which is most of the time. Can’t start the generator until 6 AM, and I am usually up way before that, freezing. I could use the furnace, but it uses propane and I am trying not to use the propane for anything other than the fridge. Everything else empties the tank way too fast. 

After I got done doing all of that, I got an email with the tracking info on the scooter, so it looks like I will be getting that after all. I’m looking forward to trying it out up here. I can do some exploring. Of course, it is the same day I was going to make a claim. I paid the bill instead.  And for some reason, I was looking for something in the cabinet over the table, and figured since I was in there, I might as well clean it out, so I did. Freed up some more space. I also superglued the two broken feet on my crockpot while I had it out of the cupboard. 

Then I replace the two light fixtures that still needed to be replaced. Pulled out the fluorescent fixtures and installed LED fixtures. That took about ten minutes.

A mile and a half walk this morning. And when I got back, I decided it was time to get rid of the garbage, and I took the clothes to the Salvation Army.  I found out where that is, and the Senior Center. I briefly looked thru what they had. I bought some rusty xmas bells to hang on the door somehow and some xmas cloth napkins. Two hard copy books for low power nights, a rectangular wire basket and a wall hook/rack. I went to get rid of stuff, not buy more. :( Oh, and I bought one of those stove top grills. I think I am going to try that out tonight. Just not sure if it will be fish, pork chops, or steak and veggies.

I just finished lunch and am gearing up to sort out the last area that needs sorting. Then I can start sorting thru the bins and decided what stays and what goes. I will list a bunch of stuff online, see if I can’t generate a little income. I have spent way too much money in the last three months, and I need to make some to compensate. Even if it is just gas money for Firefly.

I am going to have to take Ody into town and gas her up in the next few days. Plus I need to dump my tanks and refill my water. But I need to see if I can find the water leak before I fill it up again. The floor is already wet from the last time, and the table is wobbly because of it.

It is overcast, cool and hazy today. Possible rain on Wednesday. I could smell it in the air this morning. That means I need to make sure everything in the screen house is protected from the rain.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I didn't walk since it was Sunday, and didn't really do much of anything. Just hung out and did a very small amount of organizing. Read a book. Oh, and grocery shopping in the morning. I went back to Roadrunner Market where I had gone the other day, then checked out the Big Market...not much there. And Dollar General was beside the Big Market, so I went in there. They actually have quite a selection of groceries, plus a ton of other stuff. I picked up a few things there too. 

The dates I bought at the store aren't even close to the dates I bought in Yuma. Will have to get more of those when I go get the scooter. 

That is about it for now. I have gotten a lot accomplished this morning including gassing up the car while I was in town. I did forget to go to the post office, it was on my list, but forgot until I got back. Will just have to go in to town again tomorrow. Now might just be a good time for a nap. :)

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