Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another day of organizing.

Almost two miles yesterday. I ended up walking part of the ATV trail and part of the desert itself. I was looking for a road that doesn’t exist. Today I will head in another direction. 

After I got back, I dug into the closet in the bathroom where all my clothes are. Sorted, removed the canvas bins, and rolled everything and put back all the stuff I am keeping. All of my clothes, including my jackets are now in one location. Everything is easy to see. I have a bin for short sleeves, long sleeves, dress clothes, underwear and night wear, sweatshirts, and shorts and jeans. My jackets have their own section in the closet beside the cubes. We’ll see how that works out. I’m keeping at least one of the canvas bins for KC and put her blanket in it under the table, and she has already used it. I have a second one on one of the benches, but she hasn’t shown any interest in that one yet. I might change it’s purpose to guidebooks and maps. Then I am sure she will be interested in it. :)

I wrapped all of that up around 1, including moving some stuff around in the car since I freed up one bin. I figured that was good for the day. Today I do want to do the cupboards over the table. Then I will start sorting all the stuff I pulled out. I also need to go grocery shopping. There is a craft fair this weekend, plus one next weekend. Maybe I will put off the cupboard until tomorrow. 

Geeze, I almost lost Kali Cat last night. I came inside with my arms full, camera, iPad, etc., and I ALWAYS close the door behind myself, but got distracted. Then I noticed her go down the step. She never goes down the step unless the door is open and she is going outside. I didn’t panic and lunge, I went out and calmly talked to her, and then grabbed her. She had only gotten a foot or so away from the door. But it was already dark out and there are coyotes here. I will have to be more careful and make sure I close the door behind myself. Phew!

I haven’t taken her out to the screen house since the first day. It is full of Ody overflow right now. Once I get that sorted and organized, I will start taking her out for a few minutes a day. I would like to get a mat for the “floor”, so it isn’t rocks and fine dust, but we will see. 

I just ordered a second solar panel for my little generator. I don’t use a lot of power, so I don’t think I am going to install panels on Ody. I have been getting by just fine with the Yeti, it just needed a second panel to charge it up a little faster. I also ordered a much smaller, portable one to keep my phone and ipad charged. I don’t like having to use the Yeti for that as it slows down the charging.  I would like it to be fully charged at the end of the day. A lower cost solution to additional power, and less expensive than a real hardwired solar setup. At some point I am going to have to get a Mr Buddy propane heater. That way I won’t be using all my fridge propane to heat Ody in the morning. I don’t need it at night while I am sleeping, I have blankets for that, but need heat when I get up in the morning. I can’t start the generator until 6 AM, and it is always coldest before then. Anyone sending xmas gifts, an Amazon gift certificate would be great.

Sometime this week I need to organize, wrap and ship out xmas gifts. That will free up some more space. But I want to finish cleaning out Ody first. As I mentioned, still have the cabinets over the table, and I still have the storage/craft area to sort out. Then I start photographing and putting stuff online to see if I can get it sold. Whatever I can’t sell will be donated. I will bring as little back in as I can. Pretty much everything I hauled out so far hasn’t been touched since I started this adventure. If I am not using it, I shouldn’t be hauling it around.

I tried the folding chair and footstool to watch TV last night. There wasn’t anything on that I wanted to watch, and the TV is too high to watch comfortably. The chair is big and in the way, so I guess that isn’t going to work. I will have to see how low I can get the TV on the mount in it’s current location, last ditch effort would be to relocate the TV. The bedroom would be nice, but then I would have to run an antenna cable in, and am not sure how I would do that without it being in the way. Plus, the power cable, same issue. But maybe the mount is long enough to lower it so my neck doesn’t hurt. 

I bought my folding chairs from LLB. Paid $80 apiece for them, but they are too big for any of Ody’s storage areas (what few there are) and are constantly in the way. I may sell them. I don’t know if they will fit in the back of the car or not. Will have to try them and see. If so, that might be a good place to store them. I haven’t really used them tho. They are really comfy for folding bag chairs, but are big and quite heavy. Not easily attached to the ladder outside. Maybe I can create something that will keep them hung out there, or maybe the bike rack will work. Will have to think about that. I have four months to figure it out.

Since there was nothing on TV last night and I was nodding off, I went to bed early again. Of course, I woke up at 1:30. At least it was an hour later than yesterday. I think I am going to try to go back to sleep for a little while. I did get a dribble shower yesterday, got my hair washed, and it sure felt good! I got so chilled when I was up yesterday morning, that I couldn’t warm up even after going back to bed. I finally got warmed up in the shower. But next time I think I will leave the generator and the electric heater going until I get out of the shower. Was a bit uncomfortable getting out.  I’m learning as I go. :)

Well, time to try and grab another hour or so of sleep. I have been sneezing and blowing my nose pretty much constantly for the last day or two. I hope I get over that soon and it is just a cold and not a new allergy. Lots and lots of dust and pollens out here in the desert.


  1. Hello, I've been following your adventure. I'm hoping to join the full timers in the next year or two, still in the dreaming and saving stage. I fear I'll have the same problem you are having, reducing all the "stuff" I own to fit into a RV. I keep trying to figure out how to keep an easy chair and my desk and computer chair!

    From what I've read, water leaks are a major problem for RVs, hopefully you'll find the leak soon and the repair won't cost too much.

    Hope you start feeling better,

  2. Thanks Donna! It comes and goes, so I am thinking it isn't a cold. I will adjust eventually. :) Yeah, parting with my stuff has been hard and continues to be difficult, but I keep envisioning a comfortable, hopefully uncluttered, mobile lifestyle. I had a LOT of stuff! I'm glad most of it is gone, but I still wish I had kept my sewing machine. Maybe if I can get rid of enough stuff, I can buy another, lighter one. It isn't something I use every day, but have wished for it several times since I have been out and about. Good luck on your prep and journey to full timing.