Monday, November 17, 2014

My first dust storm

I’m all sniffly and congested this morning from yesterday’s dust storm. My first experience with a southwest dust storm and I am grateful I was in a sheltered area. Ody was pelted with leaves and dust, and whatever else was blowing around all day. It sounded like rain. She made it through just fine, but the ground is covered in leaves from the huge ficus next door. Ficus trees out here are just that - trees. This thing is about the size of an old oak and has little fruits on it. The leaves are very similar to what we are used to seeing. Green and shiny. Between the birds and the dust, Ody will have to have a bath before we leave. I would like to have her professionally done, but I don’t know how much that will cost and will wait until I hit Q I guess. They will come to me. 

It was cool here yesterday. I got showered and dressed around noon time, ended up having to get out my slippers and a sweatshirt. I eventually took the sweatshirt off, but kept the slippers on. I even wore my flannel last night and for the first time, closed all the windows and vents. It is 50 degrees this morning.

I won’t be getting a walk today. Howard is going to his carving class this morning and Barbara has a doctors appointment, so I will be going with her to that. She is planning on stopping at Walmart, and wants to go to the Quartermaster’s to get the latest Yuma info guides. After that, I will come back and clean out the tool box in the back, and get that removed. Has to be done sometime and today is supposed to be the coolest day of the week. It is going to start warming up again. In amongst all of that, I need to call and get the new car insured so I can get it registered when we pick it up. It will have Arizona plates. 

Did I mention that my new ring lost a stone? I am so disappointed. I am hoping that I can fix it somehow. Put something else in to fill the gap. Would cost too much to have it repaired. I will have to see what I have for damaged rings in my jewelry box and see what I can do.

Kali Cat’s pain shot has finally worn off. She is back to her normal aloof self. No more head butting and loving. It was nice while it lasted. But she is sleeping with me at night again. I guess it has cooled off enough for that. At least for now. Her box had a combination of little clumps and big clumps yesterday, but she doesn’t seem to be going in as often, which is a good sign. There is still a chance that she might not come back from the vet with me. I try not to think about that, is just makes me cry. I know it is coming, and there is nothing I can do about it, or make it any easier to deal with. It is going to hurt - a lot. But hopefully, it won’t be next week. There is a vet in Q, I already checked. Only a couple miles from where we will be camped, and the car will make a hug difference if we have to go. I don’t mind spending the money on her, but my funds are limited, so I have to be careful. I did not let her out yesterday, it was just too nasty out.

I spent the majority of the day indoors reading after I got my chores done, then went and had dinner with Howard and Barbara again. I really appreciate them letting me stay here. They have been extremely helpful and generous. Won’t let me do anything, not even the dishes (which I love). 

I may end up leaving here without the scooter. But now that I have the car, and will have the rack for the scooter, I can come back for it.  It is only an hour and a half to Q, and could be a day trip. And I wouldn’t have to break camp. I just ordered the rack for the scooter. Should be here this week.

Oh! Good news! Howard’s biopsy came back negative! Yay! Looks like they got it all. I’m so happy about that. If his next one comes back the same, they will get to go home to VT in the spring. They stayed here this year because of the medical issues. I’m still thinking I will head to Wisconsin for the summer, the northern climates. It is much closer than driving all the way back to VT, and I will get to spend some time with Mike and Judy. I’m looking forward to that. 

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