Friday, November 7, 2014

Swap meet

I got the BSC website updated with the info that I had, and got my laundry done yesterday. The light gray t-shirt that the birds pooped on won’t come clean. I have washed it three times with three different presoaks, and have given up. Barbara is giving it a whirl now. If she can’t get it clean, it will be chopped into a warm weather shirt. Of all the shirts to get stained, it had to be the light gray one.  It was only a four dollar shirt, but it was a good quality shirt. That is what happens when you park under a mesquite tree. Lots and lots of birds here.

As I was wrapping up my web work yesterday, Howard came out and said they were going to the swap meet. I got my stuff put away and went along for the ride. I had never been to a swap meet, it is basically a very large flea market, mostly new stuff. Almost a fair atmosphere. Was fun, but it wore me out. I was walking in very old sandals on concrete again. Plus, we went before lunch and didn’t leave until almost three, and there was nothing there suitable for me to eat. I finally found a vegetable stand and had some raw carrots and cauliflower to hold me over until we got back.

I wore my new glasses, and managed to keep them on the whole time. Still not used to them tho. But I won’t get used to them if I don’t wear them. They came off as soon as we got back.

My new walking sandals came late yesterday, so today I have no excuse not to walk. Will try a mile this morning. After that, I have some more web work to do. I’m skipping the neighborhood wide yard sale they are going to. I don’t have any place to put anything, and I have been to many yard sales in the past. Plus, I need a little quiet time.

I bought a couple of hats, 2 for $5, and three Arizona t-shirts yesterday. Plus, I found some cheap cheater glasses with metal cases, bought two at a buck each, left the glasses there and will be using the cases for my electronic cig. I have broken two of them by putting them in my pocket. The metal cases should protect them.  I actually spotted the little glasses in one booth where they were $5 each, but I wasn’t willing to spend that much for just a case, so I kept looking. I will have to modify somehow the way the cover goes on, they are a fraction too short. But I will figure it out. And I bought one 2ft coax to replace the one that is too short, and got that swapped out just fine. Sunday we are supposed to go to the Mexican version of the swap meet right here in Yuma.

I haven’t received notification that my scooter has shipped yet. I am starting to get pissed off. I ordered it a week ago today. I could have gotten that particular scooter for less money and probably much faster thru Amazon. The only other things I am waiting for is a package that arrived in Elgin TX the day after I left, and my second pair of walking sandals. Once the scooter gets here and tested, I will be ready to head to Q to my winter home for a few months. It is going to be interesting! :)

I try not to think about moving on too much because if I do, I will want to. This is the longest I have stayed in any one place since I started this journey, and so far it has been OK. But I also don’t want to overstay my welcome. I hadn’t planned on staying here this long, but having to wait for the scooter keeps me here. It’s been fun. I have enjoyed the company, the shopping and everything we have done. But I don’t think Yuma is for me.

Kali Cat went out unsupervised yesterday and came back on her own. She has already asked to go out this morning, but Peanut hasn’t been out yet. I am waiting until he has been let out and has gone back in. She is feeling much better and her nose is nice and cool. Acting much more like herself. Her new thing is to sit on the foot stool and grab at the top of the computer. It is really quite annoying, at the same time, I am happy she is being annoying. That means she is feeling good.


  1. I can't believe your scooter hasn't been shipped yet - especially since you had to do a swap because your first choice wasn't available. If that happened to me, I'd call and cancel. What kind of service will you get if there's a problem - if they can't even provide the one you wanted, then can't ship your second choice? You can order a scooter from anywhere - why not get settled in Q and then order the one you want? They might even have some available for sale there. I'd be really hesitant to order something that expensive without seeing it and trying it out. And making sure it will fit through the doors, or on the rear of the rig. That's such poor service - bummer! :( Of course, it might ship today and you might just LOVE it. So... At least I'd try to get free shipping if that's not already the case.

  2. I know! A whole week and it isn't even on a truck yet? I could buy the same one for less elsewhere, they know I needed it ASAP. Just sent an email to try and find out what the status is.