Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wind and wheels

Crazy, full day yesterday. I did my two miles, plus, in the morning. Walked the canal and around the block..the big block. It wasn’t too bad, but 2.35 miles was pushing it. It was getting boring even tho it was partly new territory. 

When I got back, Howard came out and suggested we go to the Yuma Date Festival and then the Mexican swap meet.

I had called about the car so we could go look at it in the afternoon, and was waiting for a call back. Got that while we were at the swap meet. Between walking the festival and the swap meet, I must have done over three miles yesterday and I was starting to hurt. 

The swap meet was ok, basically the same things we saw at the last one. I didn’t buy anything at either the festival or the meet. The festival was small, but nice. Just about the right size in my opinion. In and out in under an hour, got the feel of it. There were vendors, live music, and lots of food. It wasn’t any bigger than our Friday Night Live in IP. The date farm around the corner had better prices, so I will get my dates there. Let me know if you want some, as I will be leaving in a week.

We went and looked at the car again at two. I tried to talk him down on price, but he wasn’t the least bit flexible. So I paid him the full asking price, got a bill of sale, and will call and get it insured tomorrow and will go register and pick up the car when my check clears. Probably Monday or Tuesday. That way it will be completely legal when I take it out on the road.

This is the car…Her name is Firefly. 

I’m not crazy about the color, but as Ellen says, it will be easy to find in a parking lot. :) It has great tires, a new battery, comes complete with everything I need to tow it with. It is a soft top, so I can take the top off if I want, but it is a pain in the ass to do. We used to have one of these, and we would take the top off on occasion. It is small enough that I could leave the top off and throw a tarp over it for a night or two. It has a trailer hitch so I can get a scooter rack and put that on the back.  And I have to say, I can’t wait to get it. I will be so happy to have wheels again and not have to rely on someone else, or only get to see things within walking distance. It even comes with a pioneer stereo - bonus! Now I need to get the rack to put on the hitch in the back to haul the scooter.

Tomorrow’s project is to empty the tool box on the back of Ody and get that removed. Maybe relocate most of what is in there, and I will have to get rid of some stuff. Some of it can go in the car itself. I will also need to get at least one more locking hitch pin and another bike lock to lock the scooter to the rack. I have straps, so I don’t need to get those, and I also have three keyed alike locks to fasten the tow bar on the front of the car. The guy removed his locks so I will need to take those with me when I pick up the car. Just got those dug out and lubed up with WD40. They are from the trailer. I am glad I kept them. Less I have to buy and locks aren’t cheap any more.

Crazy weather this morning. Basically, the first bad weather day since I have been here. We have gusty winds, blowing dust, leaves blowing off trees, and Ody is rocking in the wind. I’m glad I decided to take the day off from walking since it is Sunday and all. Would not be pleasant walking out there today. Especially along the canal, it is all that fine, clay type soil, and is very dry and dusty. If this is what it is like in a sheltered spot, I am not looking forward to a dust storm out in the open. Everything inside is already covered in fine dust. It reminds me of a nor’ easter but with dirt instead of snow.

A short video here...  But you don't really get the effect of the dust in your mouth and the rig rocking from side to side and things banging and clanging. The yellow haze is the dust in the air.

I really need to clean today. Kali Cat has litter scattered everywhere, it smells like a cat box in here. I also need to get some new pee pads because the two that I have are dirty and are bugging me.

She is eating again and acting a little more normal. Still a lot of trips to the litter box. She had small clumps in the morning, but they seemed to get larger as the day went on. I haven’t looked to see how her night was yet. Hoping for large clumps.

Well, I guess that is about all I have for today. With this weather, it doesn’t look like we will be doing much. Glad we got to go out yesterday. Maybe I will crock pot a beef stew today. It isn’t supposed to get much above 70. Use my crock pot before I don’t have electricity any more. Guess I should glue the feet back on first tho. :)

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