Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

My plan for today was to just hang out in my sweats, watch the parade on TV and just generally take it easy, BUT, I am feeling somewhat ambitious and want to get my bunk emptied out and setup to use as a real bunk, and get my dinette back in service.I will have to set up the screen house first so I will have some place to put everything until I get it sorted. I’m just going to haul everything out of the bunk area and sort it later. It shouldn’t take too long, but you never know. I have been getting extremely frustrated with the lack of counter space now that I am cooking for myself again. I had been using Ody’s stove, but I have to keep moving everything every time I want to use it. Finally gave up and got out my little butane cooktop and will use that now. That gives me a few extra inches of valuable counter space and I have to move less stuff to open and close the stove lid. Also, the burner itself on the butane stove is larger, spreading out the heating area on my frying pan much better, so cooking should be easier too.

Yesterday I went to the farmers market. Spent $11 and brought home an acorn squash, a zucchini, a bag of greens, brussel sprouts, lettuce, daikon radish, cabbage, and a bunch of celery. I would have gotten more, but it will be there again next week and I want to be able to use the stuff before it goes bad. 

Then I went in search of something to use to hang the hummingbird feeder. Struck out at the first place, but did get a microfiber duster to clean the desert dust off Firefly’s windows and some firewood and a pair of socks (for my hiking shoes), then hit the hardware store to see what they had. But the guy pounced on me before I could even make it thru the door, so I couldn’t just look. I ended up with a six foot section of 1 inch PVC. 

Then off to get my water bottles filled. I asked where I could get that done. A place called The RV Pit Stop. They also do propane…good to know. From there to the Roadrunner Market for some fruit, cat litter and a few other things.  I didn’t buy cat litter there, they only had a few bags of the clay stuff that I won’t use unless absolutely desperate. Asked where else I might buy some and they suggested either Dollar General or Family Dollar. Family Dollar was just up the street, so that is where I went. Got the cat litter, a couple of xmas coffee mugs and a small acrylic tree that changes color and plays tinny sounding xmas tunes. By the time I finished there, the car was full. Time to head back to camp.

Got all that stuff unloaded and processed, had some lunch and then went for a walk. I decided to see what my “driveway” options were, and found a flat road much closer to the entrance that I can use instead of having to drive thru a wash coming and going. I did close to two miles, took a few pictures, and got a feel for the place. 

The PVC pipe, my screw in umbrella stand, and a plant hanger and another piece that has served several different functions made an awesome bird feeder pole. I even have a solar light on the top. It’s main purpose is to keep the feeders from spinning around, the light is a bonus. Took me a while to find the hummingbird feeders, I had seen them recently, but couldn’t locate them in my mind, so had to physically search. I had hummers within five minutes of putting out the feeder. I picked up a Dove & Quail feed block at the grocery store, will be interesting to see if I get any of those. The grasshoppers (locusts?) seem to like it. 

One of my projects for later is to empty out the car, remove the seats and reorganize. I hadn’t emptied the car when I went out yesterday and ended up putting the three bundles of firewood in the front seat, and stuffing everything else in the back wherever I could find room. That isn’t going to work for me. I will get it all done eventually. 

Well, I guess that is about it. I think I am going to try to get another hour of sleep before it gets light. I fell asleep in front of the TV last night and have been awake since 2 AM. Gonna be a very long day if I can’t get another hour or so. Nothing special on the menu for today. I think I will have some chicken, brussels, and whatever other veggie I feel like having…maybe the acorn squash. That would be kind of thanksgivingish. I feel like I have gained back a little bit of weight since I ate like a normal person the last month. I want to loose more weight, and since I am feeding myself again, probably will. Especially if I keep walking. I’d like to be able to zip up that pair of jeans I bought at the thrift shop in Yuma. :) Having them be loose would be even better.

Here are some photos from walk and the feeder pole.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Glad ur settled for the winter :)

  2. Thanks. Feels pretty good to sit still for a while.:)