Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chicken for breakfast?

We finally got the TV working, and wrapped up the antenna replacement. Howard had to run a new cable from the antenna to the inside feed. The first time he did it, after testing, and working, it wouldn’t work. Come to find out, the little pin broke on the receiving end, so he had to trim the cable and put a new end on it. So basically, the whole outside half of the wiring was bad. But thankfully it is finally done and sealed back up. That took up the whole afternoon. I am so glad Howard was willing to help swap out the antenna, I probably would have gotten it working eventually, but I have no experience with coax, and I would have been spending a lot of time climbing up and down from the ground to the roof, and I would have been really, really cranky. 

I had to clean out the over cab cabinets at one point yesterday and pulled out my little DVD player. Decided to see if I could get that hooked up and working. I got it hooked up, the power came on, but it wouldn’t do anything else. I played with that for about an hour and then trashed it. It was a cheapie little player I think I paid $25 for, so it wasn’t any great loss. I still have both of my computers I can watch DVD’s on. This morning I ordered an A/B switch and some short coax feed cables so I can hook the antenna permanently, and just switch to cable when it is available without having to hurt my fingers unscrewing those ends, and fight with the TV to change the cables. I also ordered two more LED light fixtures, smaller ones…one for over the bed/dinette, and one for the bunk area so I will have it when I get the bed moved. And a bulb for the outside light. All I have to do with that one is swap the bulb. No ballast or modifications involved.

I did a one mile walk yesterday morning, then came back and paid bills. I also started switching that whole process over to this computer so I wouldn’t have to haul out the big one just to pay bills.  So many changes in the last couple of months, I was starting to get confused. :)

I tossed a few things out yesterday, lightened the load just a little. It wasn’t much, a few phone cables that I will never use, the DVD player, and a couple other smaller items, but it is a start. Every few inches and pounds help.

We are supposed to go to a swap meet today. I guess it is like a flea market. I really don’t know, never having been to one before. Should be fun. And there is a farmers market on Tuesday in down town Yuma, the old section. Not sure when we are going to Mexico now, and I still want to go to Harbor Freight. Never been in one of their stores, but have ordered from them online.

While walking yesterday, I noticed some of the yards were flooded with water, including part of the date farm up the road. I asked Howard about it. Apparently they do flood irrigation here on the weekends. They fill up the canal, and there are lines and feeds to each yard. You can choose water or no water if you have a line as opposed to a channel. Interesting. I also saw some turkey like looking birds, very noisy and obnoxious, and Howard says they are peafowl. The same place had a couple of peacocks too. 

Peacocks without their fans


Flooded date farm

The irrigation canal

Kali Cat went out for a little while. I finally got a picture of her doing that mouth open sniffing thing she does. 


This is what she does when she is sniffing something new and unusual. It is so funny looking!

Other than the runs yesterday, she is fine. I haven’t checked her box yet this morning, hoping she is back to normal. Maybe I need to back off a little on the water I put in her food. She is starting to put back on a little weight. She is definitely well fed, and is bugging me to feed her about two hours before meal time again. She was just out this morning and she almost got herself a chicken for breakfast. They aren’t the smartest birds on the planet.

I have feral chicken pictures somewhere, but can't find them. I will get some more. They are quite pretty.

Hoping to get a nap today. I was up at four again. Was a good night for sleeping and is down in the 50’s this morning and feels cold! Was a beautiful day yesterday, in the 70’s and breezy. I didn’t even turn on the AC. I only had one fan going last night. Since we are in a walled in yard with gates on the driveway, I leave the outside door open at night. It is very quiet here. You wouldn’t think it would be.

I have a few more things I want to get done before I leave in the next week or two. We have plenty of time, my scooter hasn’t even shipped yet. I want to swap out some more light fixtures, get the tubes into my bike tires, get the A/B switch on the TV, and other piddly things. I might even get rid of a few more things. The kitchen clutter is really bugging me. I bought onions and fruit, but have no place to put them except on the counter, and the counter is way too small for that. I have a hanging basket, but haven’t figured out where I want to hang it yet. There really isn’t any place to put it where it won’t be in the way. But if I could find a spot for that, it would certainly help. Then to figure out HOW to hang it. Maybe a plant hanger off the wall….

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