Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moving day!

Today is the day. Moving to Quartzsite for the winter. Finally. Three months to the day since I left Island Pond. I am ready to settle in for a while. I hope I like it there. 

Kali Cat and I went to the vet for her follow up yesterday. She still has the mass in her bladder, and I sprung for the x-rays to find out if it is crystals or tissue. It is tissue. We did not discuss options as there really aren’t any at her age. I am not putting her thru any type of surgery, and she seems to be fine and not in any kind of pain…yet.

My feeling is that she won’t be around to travel with me in the spring time. But I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. But she is pushing 19 years old and she doesn’t like traveling. He says she needs her teeth cleaned, but at this stage of the game, I am not putting her thru that trauma. I’m wondering how cats and dogs the last thousand or so years got theirs done… Yesterday’s visit cost more than the first one. :( I’m up to about $500 on vet fees so far. It definitely hurts the wallet.

I did get her medical records and the x-rays on CD so that when we go to the next vet, I will already have all of that for them. She howled the whole way there, but not on the way back. It only took her about a half hour after we got back to tell me to feed her, she recovered quickly. She is such a good girl. 

When I got back, Howard had checked Ody's tires, and I asked him to do Firefly’s as well. Good thing, they were all quite soft. After he aired those up, I took it out for a spin around the block. Feels much better. I haven’t owned an old beater like this since I was in my 20’s. I don’t know how long I will keep her. We’ll see. She definitely isn’t my favorite car, but she is wheels and is affordable. A good desert car.

While I was waiting for 1 o’clock to come, I puttered around securing things, fixed the seat belt clip for Firefly and got her compass/clock mounted on the dash. Packed away some stuff and did laundry. I also got the bike hung on the back again and strapped in. I’m just about ready to take off. Just need to deal with gassing up Ody, getting the propane filled, and hooking up Firefly. It is an hour and a half drive, straight thru in a car, so I am expecting about two hours with towing. Oh, and I also cleaned the bathroom window on the outside, this is what my camera will see...

This morning will be my last shower in Ody for a while. Back to the bucket for washing up in the morning. At least until I get the water and tanks thing figured out. I did see a sign for showers in town and will check that out along with the laundromat. Wednesday is Farmers Market day, I am looking forward to that tomorrow. And some time in the next week, I will head to Parker and see about getting the grid cubes to make a kennel for KC. I will also try to acclimate her to the screen house. I should be able to weight down the bottom so she can't get out. She can't roam free there, and she needs to be able to get outside. Sunshine and fresh air is important for everyone.

I’m still thinking about removing the back seats in Firefly. Not sure what that would do to her value, if anything at her age…but it would give me about a third more space in the back. I very rarely have passengers, and if I do, it usually isn’t more than one additional person. Storage is the key word here. Plus, I have got to get rid of more stuff. My plan is to go thru every cupboard and closet and pull out the things I haven’t used and let them go. Clothes, dishes…whatever. I don’t know when I will be settling in a sticks and bricks again, and there is no sense in hauling all this stuff around. Besides, I want a real bed and dinette. The more stuff I haul, the more it costs to drive. I did really well getting rid of stuff before I left, but not good enough.

Well, it is just about time I get myself moving. It will be light soon and I have a few more things to pick up outside and secure inside. Get my shower, my water tank filled, and the other tanks topped off, and hit the road. Hoping to be on the road before 10:30 so I can get there about mid day. The plan is to take Ody out and gas her up and get the propane filled before hooking up Firefly. Then all I will have to do is drive. Hoping to miss the worst of the morning traffic on this end too.

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